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May - 2015 issue >  20 Most Promising QA and Software Testing Companies  

The beauty of software development is that it is not a one way road. By implementing proper software testing methodologies, you can travel back at any time during development to improve the software’s quality by detecting defects and estimating reliability. Turning a blind eye to quality assurance (QA) would precipitate a bad reputation or worse sink the business, since untested software could result in hefty maintenance cost, frustrating support and superfluous bugs. Hence, in today’s technology dependent era, software testing is not an option.

Quality and reliability has emerged as an integral part of most organization’s culture. Resultantly, customers are relishing reduced software application errors, improved security and application performance. Recent studies showcase that most organizations are allocating over 40 percent of their IT budget towards QA and software testing domains. In fact, testing budget allocated for new software development initiatives is gradually overtaking budgets that are usually reserved for software maintenance projects.

On one hand, with sheer focus on cost optimization, CXOs are crying out for software testers who are proficient enough to align the testing project with organization’s business goals to increase bottom line as well. On the other hand, the dawn of new technologies akin to IoT and the plethora of challenges they have brought along, have certainly raised the bar for innovation. To help people conveniently choose such highly-competent professionals, siliconindia identifies “20 Most Promising QA & Software Testing Companies”. A distinguished panel of the industry’s topmost CIOs, CEOs, VCs and industry experts including siliconindia’s editorial board scrutinized the list of companies in different business touch points. This meticulous analysis delved into business practices, services, compared them against industry standards to ensure that the work is of best in class quality and finally led siliconindia to come up with best companies. The archive does not only endeavour to facilitate such companies, but also fillips businesses, big or small, to partner with the finest alter-egos who help to achieve customer satisfaction as well as magnified revenue.









20 Most Promising QA & Software Testing Companies

Company Founder Founded Description
Amitysoft Technologies  
Chennai                                   amitysoft.com
Jayakumar KR, Director


A provider of software testing with a demonstrated ability to break software that has retained customers over many years



AUDITime Quality Management

Madhav Bhadra,


A provider of comprehensive QA services and solutions with a customer-centric-approach which embrace multiple best-of-quality standards
Cigniti                                           Hyderabad                                    cigniti.com

Raj Neravati,             

1998 A provider of software testing solutions that also include quality assurance and offshoring services

CresTech Software Systems  

Pankaj Goel,                               Co-Founder & CEO

2005 A provider of specialized software testing and QA services that are trusted by Fortune 500 enterprises and startups

Doshaheen Solutions


Dhanesh Mathkar,
Co-Founder & MD

Gayatri Mathkar, Co-Founder


2013 A provider of world-class innovative software testing solutions to change the monarchy of IT industry
Pune                                       focusqa.com

Pritam Bhandari, 
Founder & CEO

2006 A provider of end-to-end testing services that range right from test planning activities to test execution and defect reporting
Hanu Software
AnilSingh,                             Founder & CEO 2002 A provider of expert quality assurance and testing through out the entire development process
Ideavate Solutions

Shishir Danani,

2003 A provider of outsourced software testing services to ISVs that help clients to develop high quality products, while significantly reducing the cost of ownership and time to market
iFocus Systec

Vishwanath Rumale

Lakshmi Rajesh,   CTO

2007 A provider of services for software product engineering, mobile developmentand testing services with an expectation to obliterate software inconsistencies
Jasmin Infotech

Sivasankara Prasad Thupalli & Jeyasingh Pathrose,

1998 A provider of embedded software solutions covering product testing and product engineering, home theater, audio, Digital Home and automotive infotainment & control

Kripya Engineering,



Venkatesh Narasimhan,

2006 A provider of high quality software services and products with a mission to create value to customers and industry, and endeavor to equitably share the value generated amongst all stakeholders
MetaDesign Solutions

Amit Gupta,
General Manager

2007 A provider of software testing services that include manual testing, software testing, automated testing, web app testing, mobile app testing, desktop app testing, mobile game testing and enterprise app testing
Minds Solvit

Doddappa Nisty,

2013 A provider of software solutions that are mainly into cloud computing and are  proficient in the testing domain

Moolya Software Testing 
Bangalore                                 moolya.com

Panguluri SK Mohan,
Managing Director

2010 A provider of software testing solutions that cover software testing, outsourced software testing, web application testing, exploratory testing, check/test automation and others
Silicus Technologies

Sumant Ahuja, President & CEO

2000 A provider of flexibility to engage managed testing & QA services at different levels from operating an end-to-end quality assurance program to providing specific offshore software testing services
Smart Testing Solutionz
Ganesan Balasubramanian,
2010 A provider of offshore software testing services specializing in travel, mobile, test automation, performance testing and other software testing services
SPAN Systems
Bangalore                          spansystems.com

Chakravarthy M. Venkataramana,

1993 A provider of well-defined & flexible IT solutions that cover software testing, quality assurance and offshoring services
SQUAD Infotech

Rohit Sharma & Dr.B. Reshamlal,                      Directors


2010 A provider of software testing training to professionals in order to avoid software bugs that become a hindrance in the development of IT companies

Ta3S                                             Bangalore                           ta3s.com

Sumukha Rao,
2013 A provider of software solutions with an endeavor to completely obliterate software glitches in the IT market
ThinkSys Inc


Rajiv Jain,

2012 A provider of wide variety of comprehensive end-to-end QA services that combine power, functionality and reliability with flexibility, agility and usability

Pentaur Technology


Rachita Atal,
Founder & President

2007 A provider of strategic & cost-effective software outsourcing services that majorly focus on software development enriching a complete product life cycle
Virus Positive Technologies

Gaurav Sethi & Abhishek Kumar,                                 Founders

2011 A provider of software testing services including entry level malware testing, compatibility testing, search war testing and many more