What used to work yesterday might not work today and could be a disaster tomorrow. The rapidity of economic and technological changes is creating huge intricacies for businesses. Conquering these challenges is what separates those who stand out and those who keep wondering why they could not make it.

From creating an affordable and superfast website to integrating various business functions, collecting data, driving intelligence, creating a better information flow, optimizing cost, enhancing customer relations and maximizing productivity, businesses are struggling hard to keep up with the pace. Enterprises are traversing to a new phase where they are required to go beyond national boundaries, and serve global customers providing them world class experience. While these goals are something that every organization wishes to achieve, businesses are looking for innovative tools and solutions which could help them manage their business better and meet their aspirations.

There are huge numbers of business solutions available in the market today. These automation solutions help businesses manage resources competently and improve process efficiency to leaps and bounds. Designed to integrate multiple segments of an organization through the interchange of information from various business process areas and related databases, these solutions enable organizations to evolve and transform their business processes and enterprise systems landscape to gain new heights of performance, flexibility, agility and efficiency needed to gain a competitive edge and quickly respond to the market changes.

As different businesses have different specific needs, a single solution cannot be applied to all businesses. There are different solution providers who cater to enterprises in different verticals based on their specific requirements. Many times, these solutions are tailored or customized to the exacting needs of the enterprises. By smoothening and streamlining business processes and establishing a better flow of information across different business functions, these solutions could significantly help organizations improve client engagements, and drive more revenues with high-value, and high-quality customer communications.

Addressing the vital need for CIOs and IT leaders to find the perfect enterprise solution provider, siliconindia identifies “10 Most Promising Enterprise Software & Solution Companies”. A distinguished panel of the industry’s topmost CEOs, CIOs, VCs and analytics including siliconindia’s editorial board scrutinized the list of enterprise solutions companies. The list intends to help you pick the vendor that suits your specific requirement and help your enterprise realize greater efficiency, faster time to market, decrease in operational cost, expansion in customer base and much more. 

10 Most Promising Enterprise Software & Solutions Companies
Company Founder/CEO Founded Description
Chennai, Tamil Nadu

N.Aravind Kumar, CTO

2000 A provider of web products and custom web development, mobile application development and clone scripts development
Aosta Software Technologies
Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu
Ravi Shankar S, Director - Technical Operations 2004 A provider of enterprise solutions and applications for hospital management system
ClaySys Technologies
Cochin, Kerala
Vinod Tharakan,
2010 A provider of ‘No-code’ products like an Application Builder and technical services supporting its product

Clematis Software Technologies
clematistech.com               Kolkata, West Bengal

Rajarshi Dasgupta, Director

2010 A provider of different software solutions for areas like Enterprise Mobility, Web Development and Bespoke Development 
LinkSmart Technologies
Bangalore, Karnataka
NP Chidananda,  Co-Founder 2010 A provider of innovative, safe and low cost authentication and verification solutions to the business community in its quest to ensure the integrity of its physical goods
Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh
Dr. Venkata Majeti, Founder & CEO 2011 A provider of communications products and services with enhanced privacy and security that directly benefit the end user
PALASH Healthcare Systems
Pune, Maharashtra
Dinesh Samudra, Founder & CEO 2006 A provider of enterprise solutions like HIMS and CIMS, and services for healthcare industry
Quark Software
Chandigarh, Chandigarh
Ray Schiavone, President & CEO 1981 A provider of print and digital publishing software for vertical markets including financial services, manufacturing, media and government
Uniphore Software Systems
Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Umesh Sachdev, Co-Founder & CEO 2008 A provider of mobility service applications that connect businesses with their customers and employees in real time
Bangalore, Karnataka
Kiran Babu, CEO 2010 A provider of application development including mobile and web applications with specializtion in custom enterprise appliations and consumer end applications for various industries