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ProInd Business Solutions: For a Risk-Free, Legally Sound Business

si Team
Thursday, March 24, 2016
si Team
Owing to the constantly altering regulatory frameworks, managing the legal risks without hampering business' growth has always been a Herculean task for a corporate. Caught in the similar web of complications, a $2 billion business house was hunting for an elixir that would help them to tame the dynamic and the ever demanding scenario so as to reinvest their complete focus in the core business. This was when ProInd Business Solutions - a Noida headquartered risk management and compliance solutions enabler - entered the picture with its state-of-the-art ProInd Compliance Controller. With its solution that covered compliances which are calendar based, event based, dependent and cyclic in nature, the product leveraged not only a consolidated view of compliances on a single platform, but also a uniform compliance requirement baseline, systematic updating of legal changes and tracking of documents, thus enhanced productivity of its team. The aforementioned example merely represents one success saga, while ProInd has 50+ such marquee triumphant stories in the fold.

The Process-Driven Organization

What initiated as a BPO in 2002 has emanated to be one of the most reliable names in legal services industry. "Back in 2011, there were no specific solutions that addressed two core areas' legal risk and legal solution automation. This propelled us to specifically choose risk management domain," cites Harinder Singh, Director, ProInd. Striving to instill a regulatory risk-awareness in the country, the company endeavors to fill the prominent scarcity for consolidated IT breakthroughs that would help companies effectively manage and comply to the applicable laws. Touted to be the only company in India which provides solutions to all types of statutory compliances, ProInd has procured its market leadership through its idiosyncratic modulus operandi and full-fledged solutions, which are marketed under the brand name of 'proInd'. "We also have a Legal support service, through which we offer consulting services for the enterprises that cannot afford a large Legal teams," adds Rakesh, Director- Marketing.

ProInd is also widely recognized for its Legal Process Management System - robust management systems for legal processes covering processes relating to management of litigation, contract, IPRs and Notices. The function-centric processes mirror the finest blend of years of experience and functional expertise of in-house, vibrant team including lawyers, chartered accountants and IT professionals. Operating out of offices in Noida and Pune, the crew ensures quality throughout the process. Built on Microsoft and SQL server, the license-based products are backed by a modular approach and are secured against the breaches,with certifications like ISO 27001 and 9001 to speak for it.

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