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June - 2015 - Special issue > 20 Most Promising HRO Companies

Husys Consulting: Architecting Cost & Time-Efficient HRO Sector

Kavitha G.
Friday, June 5, 2015
Kavitha G.
It would not be an exaggeration to say that HRO has been the talisman for every organization. Recognized to be a breeding ground of human resources, India has also emanated to rub the shoulders with other giants with its claimed 50-60 percent growth in HR outsourcing every year. Furthermore, akin to countries which are racing up to own a bigger pie of this most celebrated industry, the number of HRO vendors is also breeding up. However, a tried and trusted partner – who does not just vend the services picking up from his knowledge arsenal, but also handholds their clients throughout their tenure – has been scarce to be found in the industry. Husys Consulting Pvt. Ltd., a full service & HR solution provider, is one such rare-breed which has been instrumental in helping its clients to breathe success by catering to their HR woes.

Husys – An HR Function Management Solution Juggernaut

Born to GR Reddy – an industry veteran with 20 plus years of experience – in 2002, the firm has its heart and soul firmly on startups and SMEs in India and has been successful in becoming many of their nerve centers. And Husys credits its proprietary business model, HR Function Management Solution (HRFM a.k.a HRFO), for these increased efficiencies and its increasing excellence. HRFM is an end-to-end business model where Husys undertakes meticulous processes to build a quality workmanship for a sustainable business. From scrutinizing the requirements of people to building HR department and aligning the HR functions' stature to business environments, Husys endeavors to become the backbone of its clients in HR planning, creating better employee policies, enabling employee engagement, performance management and developing teams. Besides, the firm has also proven its expertise in HR consulting and proffering a robust HR platform – that enables a seamless integration between people and work, while reaping in the cost and time efficiency.
The Success Saga

Hallmarked by its unwavering emphasis on delivery, customized and sustainable business initiatives, and the cross-pollination of the unique HR practices, Husys has been relishing a tremendous growth of 100 percent every year in its last three years. Their success saga have not only propelled the firm to grow beyond their levels to be a business partner, but also covers being crowned as Best Services Company at TV5 Business awards and Best Services Company by Confederation of Women Entrepreneurs. But way back in 2002, when companies were still in the phase of understanding the value proposition of outsourcing, Husys broke through the tough phases by edifying its prospective clients. Slowly reaping in customization as their possession – which they firmly believe as the key ingredient of the service, Husys has successfully climbed the crescendo of eminence. "We carefully work with businesses to review their current plans and future challenges, and craft HR inputs to help them to steer to higher stature. We still conduct a lot of educative sessions for the business owners and the HR fraternity to reap the benefits of HR Function Outsourcing support," proclaims GR Reddy, Founder & Chief Facilitator, Husys Consulting.

Thanks to its well-knitted team of 55 professionals (christened as 'Husysts') and people-friendly non-hierarchical work ambiance that have made its endeavors a success. Husys is currently in the phase of architecting robust technology, products and services to revolutionize the way the future HR business run in India. Joining forces with three organizations and covering 70 countries across the world, Husys envisions building 1000 clients across India, covering at least 10 states and 25 major cities by 2018.

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