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Hexaware Technologies: Bringing Complete Transparency & Trust in Engagement

si Team
Tuesday, January 26, 2016
si Team
The outsourcing industry is quite abuzz with the term 'watermelon effect'. Larger providers are focusing on the biggest of the deals, given their growth aspirations. Further, service providers' relationships are focused on achieving typical process metrics, with no regard to actual business user satisfaction resulting in a watermelon relationship - green on the outside, but deep red on the inside. Even the lifespan of relationship with clients have seen a steep decline from 10 years to just few.

The 1990 founded Hexaware Technologies Limited (NSE: HEXAWARE.NS with a current market capitalization of Rs.66.72 billion) is perfectly sized and sharply focused on business outcomes, which positions it well to address the needs of such customers. Being a perfect fit has enabled the company to shed the role of efficiency broker and be the capability advisors to its clients. "As the BPO market will keep growing and moving to an as-a-service model, with transaction and indeed outcome based pricing models, buyers will look for innovation through automation and closer collaboration. And where the work gets done from will no longer be as relevant (offshore/onshore/nearshore) as whether targeted business outcomes are being achieved," explains Chinmoy Banerjee, SVP & Global Head, Hexaware BPS.

Focus on Bringing Huge Difference

Hexaware is taking advantage of two key discontinuities, the watermelon effect and the Data2Digital journey as a large portion of Hexaware's services are aligned with data, while in BPS, its core offerings in F&A, Customer Service, Claims Service, Claims Processing, Telecom service, and HR are all focused on Digital Transformation. "We look forward to strengthen our end-to-end offerings in these select areas and move firmly to an as-a-service model," explains Chinmoy. As an organization, Hexaware is focused on selective key horizontals and verticals and is a strong contender in this space.

With time, the BPO market has evolved and most of the players here today stand at the same level of maturity in terms of offerings. But the collaboration between players and customers has gone way down the street. Recent studies highlight that over half of the engagements fail to deliver due to lack of collaboration. But Hexaware sports clients' shoes post which it provides customized tailor-made solutions.

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