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E-Billing Solutions: Shielding e-Commerce Realm through Comprehensive Risk Management Portfolio

si Team
Thursday, March 24, 2016
si Team
As the craze of online shopping continues to burgeon, the long-standing conscience regarding credit card security has grown stronger, owing to the staggering growth of the organized and sophisticated frauds. This scenario has lured merchants to reinvest in building necessary tech-savvy expertise and robust risk management strategies, with the statutes like two-step authentication processes catalyzing the renaissance. But the mantle, however, is often a daunting featto achieve. In addition, reducing the total fraud cost and keeping data accuracy intact make the task even trickier. This is precisely where E-Billing Solutions (EBS) Pvt. Ltd.- one of the leading payment gateway in India - steps in.

Touted to be the first Indian merchant account provider to achieve PCI DSS Level 3.0 standards, EBS endeavors to offer a comprehensive and easy solution for the e-Commerce industry, while their actions are driven by a simple motto - 'Tougher on fraudsters, simpler for merchants'. Bringing various online payment options from banks and other payment processors on a single platform, the organization initiated its saga in 2005 in Mumbai and presently, it has its strong feat across all major metros of the country. Today, with more than 700 merchants (including Ingenicoe Payments - the online payment processing unit of Ingenico) who vouch for its extensive fraud management services, the company is not only a proprietor of eminent recognitions like 'India's Most Valuable e-Commerce Company' and 'Best e-Commerce Payment Innovation (2012)', but also a wholly owned subsidiary of Ingenico Group - a global leader in seamless and secure payment solutions.

A Noted Technophile

Highly celebrated for its 'Payment Gateway' model, EBS not only offers insightful statistical reports that provide a real-time 360° visibility into a business, but also enables a boosted payment success rate, fastest go-to-market, customized experience and even international payments through its platform independent systems. Claimed to be one of the first companies to leverage device fingerprinting technology, this ISO 27001-2013 certified technophile is powered by its homegrown genetic algorithm and offers real-time behavioral mapping, cross-merchant intelligence, IP geolocation, refined industry templates and 24x7 managed services to assist companies to employ a hassle-free manual reviews & data analysis and derive best values for money. "One of the Leading Airline Carriers in India, which was plagued by the complications in identifying a cleaner fraud, scalability of manual reviews and such others, witnessed a colossal transformation through our portfolio, wherein the lead time for manual review was reduced by 75 percent, manual review was dropped by 95 percent that aided last minute bookings, chargeback rates were reduced by more than 90 percent and revenue was boosted by 35 percent, in just a span of six months," says Bhavin Mody, Director, EBS.

The rationale for such excellence can also be routed back to its specialized team of 25 experts, who are groomed under the aura that fosters endless opportunities to learn and grow. Besides the regular cross-team learning sessions, the management team also believes in spreading the knowledge reaped from major risk forums across teams to deck up them with the latest innovations in the domain to proffer the best. "We will continue to invest in R&D, which would help us to fuel our legacy of innovating technologies, simplifying rules management and performing robustly," concludes Bhavin.
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