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“3G & SPEECH” Reconnecting India

Sunny Rao
Wednesday, January 5, 2011
Sunny Rao
3G has the potential to immensely impact almost every individual, both socially and economically. Recognizing that, all eyes are trained on how 3G in India opens the door to innovative value added services allowing everything to be accessed though just one convergent device.

In a country, where broadband penetration is less than one percent, ironically mobile penetration is 45 percent. Infact, in a recent Google report, India has emerged as the second largest consumers of mobile Internet after U.S. To add another perspective to these facts, Evalueserve (‘Uptake of 3G services in India’) reports the number of 3G handsets will increase to 395 million by 2013.

An indication, that in terms of reach and penetration, mobile internet along with 3G will become the chief vehicle for connectivity.

3G powering speech technology - tranforming & all-embracing
Buoyed by 3G and mobile, we see many parallel stories unfold, one of which revolves around use of speech technologies to maximize the reach of mobile services. There is a large amount of information and content in the network. 3G in combination with speech interface will accelerate the access and usage of it for the masses.

As we speak about the convergence of speech and 3G technologies and its importance, the challenges are also huge.

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