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Rare and Fair MBAs

SI Edu Team
Friday, February 27, 2015
SI Edu Team
MBA is one of the oldest disciplines of management study and has its own values that make it superior to other courses, and hence it has wide scopes and job prospects. In a booming economy like India's, the scope for MBA is flourishing with the rise in demand from companies for employees who are equipped with business skills and practice. India is a hot MBA market and has overtaken the United States in terms of volume of job offers for newly minted MBAs. Employer demand for MBAs leapt 43 percent in 2010 and a similar 29 percent growth was reported in 2013. MBAs are increasingly in demand from companies, which are hiring for the latest technologies like cloud technology and big data roles. The demand as well as popularity of business related courses also took a rapid jump. It is one of the most popular as well as widely chosen courses amongst the other entire business related course.

With growing number of companies and rapid industrialization, the job market for MBA is increasing every single day. Today, a wide range of jobs and career prospective are available in the industrial sector for students with management courses. A recent survey shows that many global companies are looking for MBAs graduate with industry relevant specializations rather than regular ones. India's estimated 3,300 business schools churn out tens of thousands of MBA graduates each year with different specializations. The increase in hiring demand for candidates having master's in management has forced the b-schools to design and tailor made MBA for students coming straight after their graduation.

The competition in India's job market reveals a huge demand for the quality MBAs. Companies in all sectors and across the world plans to hire b-school graduates who are ready to face the industry with skilled specialization. The demand for some of the specializations in MBA- Health Care Management Arts Management, Sports Management, Tourism Management, Supply Chain Management, Aviation Management, accounting, marketing, computer science, engineering, human resources, public relations, and others has been growing increasingly. Apart from all the above mentioned, posts, there are many other MBA specializations which are in demand and have the job scope. Different departments are established in companies where the need for MBA with diverse specializations is needed. The demand of these specializations with quality ensures the better scope for jobs.

The other MBA specializations that are unique and are in growing demand, other than mainstream MBA specializations are Health Care Management Arts Management, Sports Management, Tourism Management, Supply Chain Management, Aviation Management and so on. With commitment to provide vital information about the latest trends in higher education sector, we have listed some of the emerging MBA specializations. We sincerely hope that it would be helpful for the large community of students who are looking for such diverse courses.

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