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Foreign Education in Home Soil

John Angami
Friday, February 27, 2015
John Angami
While education is the foremost task of any student to achieve their goals, it is also important to get quality education. The world is getting more and more competitive and getting good grades is not the answer to the risk of unemployment. Striving to be career ready through a good educational background is what most students want today. This being, the trend a whole lot of students go abroad for their higher education. Currently, 3.78 percent of India's GDP is utilized for expenses in the education sector and students still manage to find their way out of the country. This is a wake-up call for India as a nation, as it takes pride in maintaining the third largest education system in the world.

India is a huge global market with an education system, which is plagued by a shortage of well-trained faculty, poor infrastructure and outdated and irrelevant curricula. Setting up international standard education centres is the need of the hour and the ideal thing to do at this point. Set ups like this will benefit both parties. The country will have good institutions while the students will not have to fly abroad for their higher education. Concerning this, the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM), one of the apex trade associations of India, has already supported the need for quality educational institutions to be set up in India on the lines of IIT and IIM in order to restrict the outgo of students.

The Indian education system collaborating with good quality foreign universities will help not only encourage Indian students to not leave the country but also attract many foreign students. Today, the Government realizing this prospect has initiated and come with FEP (Foreign Education Provider) which allows foreign universities to set up their educational campuses in India. Since the setting up of Foreign Education Provider in India, it has not only helped in improving the quality of education, but also helped in reducing the number of students going abroad. From infrastructure to the surroundings, there have been certain changes that have immediately taken place. The mentality of the students has also been affected to the maximum with interaction from different people across the world. Today, the establishment of foreign institutions like Virginia Polytechnic Institute in Chennai and Chicago University's centre in Delhi have created an environment of quality education and professionalism and is achieving great results.

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