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Unitedworld School of Business

SI Edu Team
Monday, February 6, 2017
SI Edu Team
We all have dreams, but some dreams chase us throughout our life. While, some of us move in the direction of those dreams, others take a different path. Indeed, most of our dreams are within our reach, if we are ready to work for it. It is also said, once we get a job where we are free to put our thoughts to action, we have come half through our dreams. Today, being an entrepreneur makes career for those who chase their dreams to become their own boss. The decision to be an entrepreneur is easy to take but hard to stick on to it. Unitedworld School of Business (UWSB) is a space guiding students to be the perfect decision makers. Founded in 2009, Unitedworld School of Business lays its focus on encouraging entrepreneurship.

While, most of the B-Schools train students about entrepreneurship without a motivation to be an entrepreneur, UWSB is very different in its approach. "Startup is the buzzword in our campus. Hence, we encourage our students towards entrepreneurship," says Jaideep Banerjee, Head of Operations, UWSB. As management field is all about decision-making, the institute emphasizes more on practical oriented learning. "Whatever the students are learning in the class makes the foundation of management. We have 8 to 10 weeks of summer internship programs wherein the taught theories are applied in a practical way. Industry professionals as well as the faculty guide these students from our institution. A core mentoring is done and we make sure that the students benefit out of this internship programs," claims Banerjee.
Other than the summer internship programs, the institute also invites experienced industry professionals to the campus to impart up-to-date prevalent knowledge to the students. The proper interface of these professionals updates students about the market trends. "In the span of a year we conduct almost 30 to 40 guest lectures and our team is very sure that these sessions are motivating our budding entrepreneurs," adds Banerjee. Another unique vibrant experience at UWSB is the management week. During the management week, eminent dignitaries with various management specializations highlight the earnest facts of business world through effective demonstrations. Students also get a chance to visit the topmost brands across nation and abroad to know the workflow and business models of various companies in different sectors. As a whole, the institute lays its emphasis on including different possible and practical approaches to inculcate the right qualities of an entrepreneur.

Even though UWSB motivates budding entrepreneurs, the team also realizes that each student is unique in its own way and thus focuses on making them fit with employability skills. "Our placement cell is very active where they are all the time in touch with the recruiters," says Banerjee. Placements start with the summer internships with students bagging PPOs " Pre Placements Offers. "As we are a seven-years-old institute, we have a lot of recruiters with us and the recruiters pick the finest of the brains from our Institute and place them across various centers," adds Banerjee.
Today, the transformational experience at UWSB attracts large number of recruiters and students pan India to the campus. Students inhabit a world of powerful and relevant ideas, both in and out of the classroom through focused learning approaches cum opportunities. The process of learning starts where each of the candidates is measured and grouped according to the industry readiness.

While first year is rigorous with theory driven delivery, second year is more experimental, practical and applied learning oriented. This proven teaching is injected in the students with the help of gifted teachers who make up the UWSB team strong. Students of USWB also get the advantage of attending the International Business Camp. It is an optional element of the Post Graduate Program in Management, where students work on a Global Business Dissertation, allowing them a global exposure for a better understanding of the world market. Students get an opportunity to interact with the best CEOs of the industry along with the eminent personalities of national and international repute in the campus through this unique lecture series. As a whole, this learning space makes the perfect balance of modern industry trends with academia.

With an aim to enter more areas of specialization, the team focuses on new initiatives to bring about many changes in the management field. "We are trying to make good quality professionals with a hope that with time our students with the knowledge of making new things will contribute a lot back to the society," concludes Banerjee.

Ritesh Hada, Managing Director

Ritesh Hada is a Graduate from Calcutta University and holds a Master degree in Marketing and Administration from Leicester Business School, De Montfort University, UK. As a first generation entrepreneur, he has the strategic intent to create value in his entire business endeavor, be it in the field of Education, Textiles, Hospitality or Real estate.

Jaideep Banerjee, Head of Operations, UWSB

A dynamic professional with more than two decades of experience in Sales, Marketing, Retailing and Retail led Operations, Supply Chain Management, Brand Management, Product Development, Operations and Business Development along with Channel Management. He is a proven performer with excellent track record in sales and business development across assignments and also an enterprising leader with strong analytical, problem solving and organizational abilities.

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