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September - 2016 - issue > Top Preschools in India 2016

Top Preschool in India 2016

SI Edu Team
Monday, February 6, 2017
SI Edu Team
Preschool, a concept that came from the western world, has a booming business in India. Unlike the regular schools that load students with the heavy schoolbag on their back, preschools offer a wide range of training based on which the rest of their education depend. Often preschools are mistaken as day care centers where working parents keep their wards under supervision until they are back from work. However, preschools offer more than a day care centre. As a home away home, they create the environments and experiences where learning happens, which makes them their child's first teacher. Preschools come with the same blessings that are bestowed upon a child. From cultivating communication skills, encouraging emotional readiness, instilling organization, developing social skills, preschools act as the foundation stone of a child.
Sending a child to a pre-school, rather than teaching them the basics at home, is now being considered more effective by parents as it seems less time taking and manageable to raise a child alongside a job. As a result, Preschool education in India has gained immense importance over the past five years. Many regular mainstream schools have now opened preschools along with their formal educational infrastructure. This issue of Silicon India Education has brought a palate of preschools, which offers a variety of training philosophies inspired by researches undertaken across the world. We have selected a number of preschools and brought to you, especially to the parents who seek the best of the best for their ward's future. We would be immensely pleased to see the issue 'Top Preschools in India 2016' guides parents to find the best place for their child's upbringing while they can be at peace working on their office desk.

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