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Top 20 Private Universities 2016

SI Edu Team
Monday, June 13, 2016
SI Edu Team
Since Independence, Indian higher education sector has been witnessing a massive growth in its capacity. From 20 universities in 1947, we now have over 725 universities with nearly 30 million students enrolled in higher education institutions. Every year, millions of students from within the country and abroad, enter these portals mainly for their graduate and post graduate studies. Hence, we are currently ranked among the top three countries in the world in terms of student enrollment.

This tremendous increase is a result of participation of private players in higher education. The size of the private sector is about twice that of the public sector in terms of the number of institutions and student enrolments. Considering substantial investment required in the sector, the role of private sector will increase in the future. However, private universities in India vary in various aspects. While some of the well-established universities are focusing on research and global standards, there are others who charge huge sums of money for the substandard education they provide to the naïve students. With the increase in the number of universities who have set their goals to provide more research opportunities and become one of the top universities in the global standards, students are striving to join them and pursue their courses with them.

In this endeavor, SiliconIndia Education presents the "Top 20 Private Universities in India 2016." With this list, we hope to guide the large community of students in India and their parents to enable them to choose the best universities themselves to pursue the course of their choice. The Universities are well equipped in infrastructure and have excellent faculty members who are making a mark in research and creating innovative pedagogies, which will benefit the students. Encapsulated within are 20 important universities in India brought under the same umbrella by a panel of experts, which showcase unique sets of educational facets. The list also features Top 10 Emerging Universities in India, which are established in the recent times, but putting up a tight competition against reputed ones in the country by brining many innovative concepts to train the students.

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