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April - 2015 issue > Top 10 Most Promising ERP Education Software Companies in India  

In the past few decades, education in the emerging countries has witnessed a massive growth in terms of student's intake as well as multitude of changes in its fields like teaching and administration. However, more than 50 percent of the institutions in the developing countries including India still have not come out from following traditional approach of managing information system with stand alone computer systems and store data in different departmental systems. Enterprise Resource Planning software, which can be handy tool to collect, store, manage and interpret data from many business activities has been a panacea to solve this kind of problem. It has been proven that the effectiveness and efficiency of operations of educational institution would improve significantly through the implementation of ERP. 

As implementation of ERP solutions required large infrastructure in the yester years, many educational institutions were reluctant to implement the same in their campuses. However, during 2000 with the increase in the web based technologies and cloud computing, which works as a virtual computer made easy way to implement ERP using web based cloud system. It inspired many educational institutions to implement ERP solutions inside their organizations. Consequently, the Indian ERP market has been showing a solid organic growth since 2004. The India ERP market was $83 million in 2004, and is projected to be over $250 million in 2009, according to a research report. 
While the technological market has been growing at steady rate, the country has witnessed a glorious number of individuals taking up the task to provide ERP solutions in education. In this issue of Silicon India Education attempts to uncover the tech heroes and companies that have blended technology and education by offering technological assistance in the education of today. Through a number of varied methodologies and tested under various parameters like Clientele, Solutions, Facilities, Quality Assurance, and Research and Innovation, our panel of experts at SiliconIndia Education consisting of Tech Specialists and Dignified Educationalists; shortlist the Most Promising ERP Software Companies in the country. With a true motive to provide the rightful insight to all its stakeholders and Indian Higher Education sector in particular, Silicon India Education uncovers the 'Top 10 Most Promising ERP Education Software Companies in India.' In the next few pages, the magazine would aim to provide the right insight to its readers on the best education software companies across the country, as selected by our panel of experts for 'Top 10 Most Promising ERP Education Software Companies in India.'


Top 10 Most Promising ERP Education Software Companies in India

Company Management Description
ADAS Technology

Dipyaman Baral

A provider of innovative, best-in-class consulting, IT solutions, ERP and services.
Any Time Student Information
Rohit Kumar
A.T.S.I. is an ERP enabled educational solution developed by XIPHIAS Software Technology, that aims to help students, teachers, parents and the school administrative staff to use school data in a more organized and structured manner.
AuroMeera Technometrix Pvt. Ltd.

Ashutosh Jagdishbhai Tivari                         CEO

The company provides software products, IT services and web services solutions for the govt., SMEs, NGOs, Education, Manufacturing and Retail. 
Foradian Technologies Pvt. Ltd
Abdulla Hisham
Co-Founder & MD
The company has developed  ERP and other software solution products for administration, management and learning related activities that are being using by educational institutions worldwide.
IFW Techno Creations Pvt. Ltd

Karan Garg

The company provides ERP solution "IFW Campus ERP", "SchoolSAAS.com" and "CoachingSAAS.com," catering to the rapidly growing and improving educational vertical of India.
MKT Softwares Pvt. Ltd
Amit Tiwari
The company provides  technology and services ERPs for business and education system requirements.
Panacea ERP

Tim Bittleston
Chairman and CEO

The company provides integrated ERP solutions for complete digitization of institutions build on the Microsoft ASP.NET Technology.
Redox Technologies
Manoj Sharma
The compaby provides offshore software development, ERPs, Software Outsourcing, Offshore Outsourcing, Website Design and Web Application Development Services to Clients Globally.
Scientech Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Ambrish Kela
Director & CEO

With more than 550 diverse products in various fields, the company provides ERP solutions like Smart Campus Solution, e-Gyankosh, Digital Class Rooms and many more.
SVIC INDIA eLearning Company
Somannagari Venugopal                              CEO The company provids ERP solutions to a wide spectrum of fields related to eLearning, Content encryption and developing, Database driven software, ERP, Web Applications, Cloud and Multimedia Solutions.