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Sanskriti University

SI Edu Team
Monday, February 6, 2017
SI Edu Team
Now, everyday life is revolving around technology and to stand in this high-tech era, the upcoming generations need to be technically sound. In this changing landscape, the universities play the role of a game changer and Sanskriti University, which started its journey in 2010, believes in maximizing the use of technology in the field of education for providing an apt exposure to the students.

Sanskriti University, located in a serene environment with state of the art infrastructure, is a university providing 360-degree holistic development of students. The university is committed to make the students employable by providing skill based value additions. Sachin Gupta, Chancellor of Sanskriti University opines, "Today, the market is in search of the right talent. As a university, we consider it to be our responsibility to make them job ready." The university follows the educational strategy wherein the student is placed at the centre, engaging them in collaborative learning in a supportive and well-resourced academic environment.

The teaching process is completely technology oriented to increase the absorption capacities and comprehension of students. Further, many softwares are being used for enabling practical oriented learning. Projection of NPTEL lectures has been included in the regular timetable for classroom teaching and other than that, the university has also set-up virtual labs to help the students to visualize operation of industrial size equipments. The university is equipped with teaching aids like OHPs, LCD projectors, CAD / CAM softwares and so on. While delivering classroom lectures, faculty members also use intelligent boards for documenting the writings on the boards. Sanskriti is constantly updating itself with the idea of introduction of new technology in different fields of learning and this technology oriented teaching learning process helps the students passing out from Sanskriti to be more 'employable' compared to the students passing out from other competing universities.

In order to ensure synchronization between the needs of the industry and the status of employability of the students, the university feels the essentiality of frequent interaction with the industry to fill in the gaps between the needs and the capabilities. Recognizing the importance of such interface, the university organizes corporate meets where the corporate leaders are invited to the campus and these leaders interact with the faculty members and update them about the demands of the industry. They also advise about the extent of improvements, especially in practical aspects, required to make the students employable. "These corporate meets are organized at least twice in a year at the campus for interacting with the Chief Executives of all industrial set ups and organizations in the vicinity covering Mathura, Agra, Kosi Kalan, Faridabad, Noida and so on," says Gupta.
The purpose of such meets is to exchange notes with the corporate leaders regarding the business environment, the industrial health of different sectors, long-term plans, recruitment policy, training facilities and various other matters of interest to the University. Opinions of different leaders are analyzed for charting out the action plan regarding incorporation of certain contemporary topics in the syllabus, arrangement of industrial training and industrial visits, placement opportunities, HR policies of different corporate and so on. The management of the university also discusses with the corporate leaders about the progressive growth plan that can be designed for skill development and enhancement of employability.

The university works with a mission to provide world-class quality technical education to the inspired youth and with this pure intention, the management include various other strategies too and seminars and workshops conducted on regular basis further lets them fill up the voids in the education system. "There is an annual calendar for such workshops wherein a schedule is drawn after thoughtful consideration on the relevant subjects on which workshops are required and the speakers are chosen with due consideration of their experience and background," pinpoints Gupta.

The university has also included a student exchange program to provide the students with better learning opportunities. Through the exchange program, students are given tan opportunity for an overseas exposure which helps them in generation of confidence to help students to confront challenges and resolve problems in a satisfactory manner. This student exchange program further helps the students to gain an acceptance by the foreign employers. Undoubtedly, Sanskriti University is a technology savvy campus, imparting value-based education to foster enterprising spirit among the students.

Sachin Gupta, Chancellor

Currently the Chancellor of Sanskriti University and associated with various other educational groups, he has over 15 years of industry experience. He also has experience in building organizations and his expertise includes all facets of management, project planning and handling large teams.

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