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SVIC INDIA eLearning Company: Making Education Simpler through Automation

SI Edu Team
Tuesday, April 28, 2015
SI Edu Team
In the educational institutions, the traditional modes of instruction find themselves soon superseded by new technological innovations, with some being declared redundant. Consequently, organizations and institutions need to gear-up for change, a process, which is inevitable. However, most of these institutions possess many administrative tasks, which are also consuming a huge chunk of the finances that they possess. Providing solutions to these problems is SVIC INDIA, which is the acronym for Scholastic Versatile Integration Center. "We specialize in creating different types of automation software which are able to increase the efficiencies of eLearning and administrative tasks and cut the cost that the education institutions are spending on," says Somannagari Venugopal, Founder and CEO, SVIC INDIA eLearning Company.

The products that SVIC INDIA has created for the stakeholders in education like administrators, faculty members and students are Scholastic Office, Tutor Plus, eLibrary Creator and Reader and Data Bank. Among them Scholastic Office is SVIC INDIA's flagship software, which is able to automate the various aspects of the administration of an institution ranging from HR, Finance, Communication and Marketing to Learning Management Systems (LMS). The learning management system is utilized to manage the admissions, attendance, timetables, examinations, mark sheets, results, grading, hostel and library at the institutions. "The Scholastic Office provides the management of education institutions and publishing offices the opportunity take effective managerial decisions leading to better management of resources available," claims Venugopal.

The company also provides faculty members and students exclusive products such as Tutor PLUS, eLibrary Creator and Reader and Data Bank. The Tutor PLUS automation software supplies the faculty members the necessary tools to put in order their files, which are lectures, presentations, case studies, assignments, tests, report cards and others. The software allows the faculty members to communicate with the parents and the students with regard to the performance of the students or any form of announcements. The faculty member can utilize eLibrary Creator to publish Packet eLibraries with their own video lectures/eBooks/flash quizzes/study materials respectively for students and then students can utilize the eLibrary Reader to access the eLibraries for offline preparation; this is the next level of learning system. Data Bank which allows faculty members and students to carry huge collection of video lectures/eBooks/flash quizzes/study material files in packet for offline preparation.
SVIC's products have created ripples in the education sector with positive feedbacks from the users worldwide and the reason for this success is the team of employees, who are working tirelessly to take their organization into the next level. "We realized that we needed to provide user friendly products to our clients and have been able to achieve the same because of the feedback we receive from our own employees about the same," says Venugopal.

With an envious number of clients from around the globe, the company has plans to increase its clients base further. As India is one of the largest education providers in the world with over 35,000 higher education institutes and 1.4 million schools, the company hopes to launch and strengthen its client base in the country. Sooner, they would be opening many more offices across the globe to strengthen its partner base and assures to provide the necessary software solutions to guide the development in the education system to achieve its true potential.
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