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Rayat Bahra Dental College and Hospital: Reshaping the conventional learning process

SI Edu Team
Sunday, January 31, 2016
SI Edu Team
In 2013, the dentist to population ratio in urban areas was 1:10,000, whereas rural areas had one dentist serving the population of 250,000 people in the same year. The statistics point towards the fact that the number of qualified dentists in the country is not sufficient for the current population, particularly in the rural areas. With a firm understanding of the industry, Rayat Bahra Dental College and hospital founded in 2008 is dedicated on producing skilled dentists, dental surgeons and doctors. The institute works diligently on enhancing the quality of health care by improving availability of specialized medical and dental services and making it possible for the rural population to avail this facility by reaching out to them. With their main focus on rural areas, the institution is involved in many CSR activities that are focused on the rural population of the nearby areas. The institute organizes free dental check up programs, school dental health programs and oral hygiene lectures. The objective behind the programmes is to make the rural population aware of the oral hygiene and to encourage proper oral hygiene routine in the rural areas. These programs are organized in the nearby rural areas; such as Daunmajra, Sahauran and Naggal. All the villages that the programs are organized in are in and around Mohali. The students take initiative and participate in all these activities, which makes them learn the art of dentistry in a more precise and comprehensive manner.

The oral hygiene lecture is organized and managed by the students on a regular basis, with the help of qualified and skilled faculty members that the institution has in place. The institution has more than 60 faculty members and a total strength of more than 400 students. The faculty of the institution frequently contributes to national and international journals, so far 150 papers have already been published by the faculty on various parameters related to Dental Sciences. The students also take part in each and every conference and seminars the faculty attend, every year minimum 30 seminars and conferences are attended by the faculty and the students of the institution. The oral hygiene lecture is arranged in the nearby villages, the lecture is organized in order to provide awareness and information regarding oral hygiene among the rural mass. Several concepts related to oral hygiene is explained to the villagers with the help of displays and visuals by the students.

Another programme organized and managed by the students is the school dental health programs; the programme is conducted with the help of the local governance and the NGOs of the same areas. This programme helps the students teach the future generations about the importance of oral hygiene, it also helps the students have the experience of conveying the knowledge they have accumulated over the years. Oral cancer screening center is an additional important initiative of the institution, started in order to curb the issue of oral cancer. India continues to report the highest prevalence of oral cancers globally with 75,000 to 80,000 new cases reported every year. Through the center the institution provides examination to the people who have a habit of using products that can cause oral cancer and checks the extent of the lesions and damage that the product might have caused. Patients are encouraged to kick the habit and treatments for the precancerous lesions and conditions are provided to control the extent of damage that has already been done. Students play a very crucial role through the process from the very beginning till the end. These extra activities and experiences provide the students with the knowledge of the field they are about to enter. It provides them with real life experience and helps them learn about the problem that exists in their field from the grass root level.

Being involved in several CSR activities does not make the institution compromise with the academic routine, every student has to go through the normal course of four years of theory and practical classes and has to complete the one year of intensive internship program that is managed by the institution. The institute provides state of the art infrastructure, from well equipped library to well furnished labs for each subject. The students get a conducive environment for learning and also collect a lot of work experience before they graduate through several activities organized by the institution. Rayat Bahra dental college and hospital is gradually starting to overshadow other dental colleges in Mohali with their exceptional academic and field records.

Lt. Gen. (Dr.) Paramjit Singh, Director

With 38 years of experience in armed services, Dr.Singh is a member of several academic bodies and institutions. He did his BDS from KGMC, Luck now and MDS from AFMC, Pune. Dr.Singh is a member of Indian Dental Association since 1971, Indian Prosthodontic society since 1981 and is an associate member of American Dental Association since 2008. He has played an instrumental role in shaping the Dental sciences department and is the man solely responsible for all the CSR activities related to oral hygiene organized by the department on a regular basis.

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