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Prof. Gurucharan Singh

Prof. Gurucharan Singh
Vice President-Cambridge Institute of Technology
Tuesday, December 20, 2016
Prof. Gurucharan Singh
From then to now several things have changed in engineering colleges in India, the focus from only academic performance have been distributed into number of other crucial aspects of educational experience such as placements and entrepreneurship. Even though the focus has been changed and a lot has been achieved, still a large number of graduates are not able to find the jobs they want and the skill gap continues to haunt the industry. To put an end to the daunting issue of the growing gap between the industry and the academia, one man has been putting in a lot of effort into solving this problem. Prof. Gurucharan Singh, the man who introduced the idea of human resource development in engineering colleges, has been rigorously working on creating professionals who are ready to take on the industry in any role.
"I know the biggest human resource today is the students in colleges and it is they who can take us further in the journey, this is the generation that needs to be handled well. So that inspired me and I started moulding them," says Prof. Gurucharan Singh, Vice President - Corporate affairs, HR & Training at Cambridge Institute of Technology, Bangalore. Several colleges in Karnataka have adopted the concept of human resource development and have been able to achieve the desired results. In one of his recent endeavors, Prof. Gurucharan has come out with a new initiative "Cambridge Corporate Centre" which integrates the current technology to the HRD Concepts. This acts as a platform for employment and employability for both students and industry not just limited to Cambridge Institute of Technology but to all Institutions across the country.
The center assists the students in identifying their potential and gaining an industrial connection to pursue their desired careers. Prof. Gurucharan has initiated this plan in order to bridge the gap between the industry demands and the performance of the academia. "Giving up a secure job with the KPCL and entering the education field was one of the toughest decisions I took in my life but I am thankful that I took the step as I was able to contribute to the field in a much bigger manner than I ever anticipated," says Prof. Gurucharan as he talks to us about his journey so far in the education industry. Not only did he single handedly introduce and popularize the idea of human resource development but he also works rigorously on changing the stereotyped view of rural students not being up to the mark for the corporate world.
Prof. Gurucharan worked with the many institutions for many years and changed the colleges in all aspects from infrastructure to the quality of students. He also streamlined the processes which the industries have appreciated and acknowledged by the fact that they are visiting these campuses for recruitment / internships year after year. Prof. Gurucharan has been the subject of many news reports in the recent past due to his concept being highly effective and innovative and he has also been bestowed with many awards from the industry and academia alike. He has been recognized as the best placement officer and has received the honor of "best placement officer" of the year twice and also has been recognized by the industry with "HR Excellence award - Recruiters Perception".

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