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On a Mission to Create a Sustainable Educational Hub

SI Edu Team
Tuesday, December 20, 2016
SI Edu Team
The ultimate aim of all professional education and training is to enable an individual to provide economical and useful goods and services to the society using scientific principles. This is precisely what Dr. Subhash Technical Campus works towards.
Dr. Subhash Technical Campus, Junagadh was established in 2010 under the aegis of Dr. Subhash P. Chavda Ahir Kelavni Mandal. The mission of the college is to create a sustainable educational hub strongly networked with Gujarat Technological University, regional industries, government departments, leading citizens, parents of students, and alumni. The college also aims at being one of the top five professional institutions that imparts enterprise worthy and employment worthy professional knowledge and skills to every aspiring and deserving youth from Coastal Saurashtra region. Of the college, Principal Dipak Patel says "As far as the Dr. Subhash Technical Campus is concerned, our management's tagline is, 'Education is our Tradition not our Profession.'"

With a faculty of 86 strong having as many as 10 members pursuing their PhDs, the average experience of the faculty comes to 7-10 years. The college has placed attention to the faculty understanding the vital role they play in any educational institution. Thus, faculty pursuing their higher education are often given study leaves. By tying up with Globarena Technologies and Sujatha Sathways among others, the faculty members are provided with regular FDP programmes. Workshops and seminars are also organized on the latest technological developments. This is beneficial to the faculty as well as the students. The faculty are also motivated to participate in STTPs, seminars, workshops and conferences. They are encouraged to present papers and journals in conferences and also publish in reputed journals and presenting papers in journals and conferences. With a well stocked library of books, journals, magazines and other such publications, faculty are able to keep abreast of new knowledge and developments in their respective fields.

Students are also prepared rigorously for their future roles. During their final year, the students have to undergo industrial training and Industry Defined Project. The college assists the students in both aspects. They provide guidance to the students in pursuing their projects and some of the students have won prestigious awards for this. The college also maintains an active industry-institute interaction cell. Through this cell, various experts from all walks of life, including industry members are invited to the campus to share their experiences, knowledge and views with the students.
Industrial visits are also arranged for the students. The college has signed MoUs with 5 companies such Carrier Aspirant's Academy and Sujatha Sathways among other. The college focuses on outcome based creative learning systems with the latest technology and techniques for the students. Principal, Dipak Patel says, "Practical knowledge is the primary need of the industry."

With such attention placed on the students, it is only natural that the next step that the college looks at is their students' careers. Dr. Subhash Technical Campus arranges career enhancement and development seminars through their training and placement cells. This is done in order to help the students choose their area of interest. The college offers career counselling and even helps students by finding industries with their areas of interests and guides the students to find jobs in such companies. The cell conducts training activities for the final year students mainly focusing on career planning, personality development, industry- institute interaction, off site training, industrial visits, campus placements, entrepreneurship development. Continuous interaction of the cell with the industries also helps in achieving the above goals & motivating students to contribute in this direction. This cell also offers students courses in English language and communication skills.

This college provides its students with the best of infrastructure ranging from ultra modern infrastructure, fully equipped laboratories, fully developed library and even a one of its kind language lab. The students are given mandatory 15 days vocational training programs every semester. They are also trained regularly in analytical, quantitative and verbal trainings. Dr. Subhash Technical Campus prides itself on producing students who have consistently held top ranks in the college exams. As a result, the college has been ranked as one of the 10 best institutes in the state.

Principal Dipak Patel

Dipak Patel completed his B.Tech from Shantilal Shah Engineering College, Bhavnagar University in 1996. He then went on to do his M. Tech from Saurashtra University. Currently he is working on his PhD in Mechanical Engineering which he hopes to complete within a couple of months. He has been Principal of Dr. Subhash Technical Campus since its inception in 2010

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