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Millennial Entrepreneurs Transforming the Universe

Rahul Kanuganti
Chief Operations Officer-Flytta
Wednesday, January 4, 2017
Rahul Kanuganti
Being a student entrepreneur is a hardship. Once taken an initiative it's tough to keep up with. On the race of rapid Innovation, the concern is about leading the enterprise with experimental projects. As a Space Enthusiast and Vice President of October Sky Society (Intl. chapter of National Space Society), I craved for reaching Mars and colonizing it. Flytta believes in relocation and raises the slogan "Relocate to Mars. "

Entrepreneurship is all about connecting things and providing solutions to the community problems through solving it in a dynamic manner. Having a look into the lives of Mark Zucker Berg, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk or Bill Gates, they never thought where they will land up; they just brought innovations which connected the world. Being students they never thought about their career, rather they worked to enlighten career opportunities to many. It is only the millennial age which can change the world; only students can solve the puzzle. As a student entrepreneur, we do lot of experimentation to transform the world by connecting things.

A decade ago, Entrepreneurship was considered to be a life risk, today we as students get support right from the budding stage. The credence about a student changing the world has been proved in many cases. We have plenty of resources available in the Education Conclave to start with such as the startup India program by our beloved Prime Minister Narendra Modi- the Incubation Centre and T-Hub by Mr .K. T. Rama Rao from Telangana. A plan starts with sharing of Idea and the confidence in the route map. Further, the system will be mentoring the evaluation of the business skills, research on competitors, making a business plan and mentoring throughout. Today many government and private universities have Incubators supporting technology and technology aided businesses, which are started and operated by the students.

An opportunity does not come in search of you and there is nothing called luck. We need to go in search of opportunities and explore them. Knock the doors, work hard and be smart and choose what we really require. So, running an own business does not require you to be a professional or have the experience of MNC's. What a student entrepreneur needs is a goal, motivation and specific steps to reach up the destination. They must be aware of the competition around them and the dexterity to beat other products. Another pertinent concern is related to the quality of products.

We have the most brilliant student entrepreneurs living their dreams thus proving the projected statistics. Although, you make the best product or offer the best service, initially it is very hard to convince the market and to prove your caliber. You should not give up. Go through the tough times, understand how an individual needs it and tell them how it helps. The Individual believes only when the community accepts it, but the set of individuals are forming the community. Thus we need to keep up with the patience to stand for our success.

Another strategy is not to create hype when your product has nothing but an outer cover, the first impression is the best impression. Even if you create a smaller one, do not sell it to someone who is expecting high quality product, rather sell it to someone who just needed 9 features of it and 10th is the complimentary. The satisfaction you give them will make them talk for you.

These days' consumers are all about having a good experience with products. Once they receive it from a student entrepreneur, word of mouth takes on massive proportions and social networking does the rest. You can scale up based on the requirement of the customers. The biggest advantage is that, you are experimenting during your college, even if you fail before you settle; you always have an opportunity to start it again!

If you are considering becoming a student entrepreneur, just like any other endeavor you undertake, you should have a clear plan not a half-assed term paper hobbled together the night before it's due. The key is researching the steps needed to successfully bootstrap a business from your dorm room.

Rahul Kanuganti

Rahul Kanuganti is a final B.Tech student at Hindustan University, Chennai and Co-Founder of Flytta, a student-startup that provides hassle free solutions to the relocation community.

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