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K L University: An Institution dedicated to excellence

SI Edu Team
Sunday, January 31, 2016
SI Edu Team
The unlimited access to information today has changed the way students take in and process the knowledge they receive from the classrooms. Students have now acquired the ability to check and re check the information given before they register or retain it for future use. Equipped with the required knowledge and technique appropriate for today's students, KL University Business School is known for their academic rigor, which reflects the vast knowledge the institution has about the industry. Knowing the importance of interactive sessions, learning is facilitated through a mix of classroom interactions, seminars, case studies, industry internship, interaction with industry and society, simulations, quizzes and group discussions. "Our curriculum lays the foundation for conceptual and analytical understanding of Indian and International management practices. It is designed to blend current management theories and practices of emerging trends in the field of management with the aim of molding the students into competent and visionary managers," says Er.Koneru Satyanarayana, President, KL University.

Providing excellent facilities for growth and improvement, the B-school also focuses on creating national and international collaborations to provide the students with better opportunities. "Connections are very important for a business school, students require a lot of exposure before they graduate and collaborations help us provide the same to the students", adds, Er.Koneru Satyanarayana. KL University Business School maintains collaborations with Technical University of Cluz, NApoca, Romania, St. Lousie University, USA and University of Massachusetts, USA. These collaborations culminate into joint research programs, student and faculty exchange programs and summer internships, all of which are very influential when it comes to a student's overall development.

The institution places a lot of importance in the holistic development of a student, from a strict academic routine to various clubs for extracurricular activity; the university has seen to it that nothing that is important should be overlooked or missed. Believing in experiential learning, the business school facilitates learning in a very distinct manner, the classes are made very interactive and are followed by case studies and industry visits. The industry visits right after the topic is taught in the class provides the students with better retention and leads to better academic performance. Getting in touch with the industries relevant to the subject and the topic gives the students a broader perspective regarding what they learn in the class. To make the students more acquainted to the industry, the business school has a rule of compulsory internship and sends each student for internship to several companies such as Coca-cola, L&T and HCL.

Through internships the students hone their skills acquired in the course of the rigorous routine of industry visits, case studies, seminars and conferences. Most of the students get called back for jobs in the organisations they serve as interns; the institution has maintained a good placement record for many years now. Maintaining a 100 percent placement record, the business school has placed their students in big names such as IBM, Maximojo and Mckinsey, who offer packages up to 5 lakhs and more.

With admirable placement records and academic excellence, the business school, often ranked among top ten B schools in South India, flaunts many awards under their wing, such as the UGC Best Researcher Award, Best COE award from IBM and Best CSI student research award. The research awards are the result of efforts made by the faculty and the students of the institution. The faculty encourages and guides the students with their research papers and their projects. The B School maintains MoUs with several universities such as, Indiana University, California University and University of Massachusetts, for joint research projects. Joint research projects provide the students with wide opportunities of working with the international community. Research in the campus is also encouraged by the institution by providing the faculty and the students with the facilities that they require conducting their research without any constraints.

With all the right facilities and programmes ,KL University Business School is quickly becoming the most preferred business schools in Andhra Pradesh, due to their high quality education and the their excellent placement records. With well trained students to excellent international relations and well executed curriculum, the B school focuses on education that is outcome based and believes in creating individuals who are responsible and have problem solving skills.

Er.Koneru Satyanarayana, President, KL University:

He is the co founder of KL University and currently the president. He has been a part of the university from the time of inception in 1980. He is an educationist of eminence and also an industrialist of great repute. Under his stewardship, the Institute grew by leaps and bounds and today it is in the forefront of quality education in the country and is a force to reckon with. He infuses qualities of leadership and sincerity in his commitments and continues to be a guiding factor in the growth of K L University.

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