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KC Public School

SI Edu Team
Thursday, January 12, 2017
SI Edu Team
To Celebrate the Golden Years of Life

Learning is a lifelong process and the golden years at the School will prepare everyone to face the challenges, the world will offer them in future. Hence, Schools are not about the academics i.e.Mental development but also for the Physical development of the students thereby resulting in the development of the balanced and wholesome personality of the individuals. Established in the year 1999 under the patronage of Prem Pal Gandhi, Chairman of the diversified Rs1,000-crore KC Group of Institutions. KC Public School is indeed a unique learning experience formulated keeping in mind the ever increasing demand for quality education. The institute is an endeavor to equip every student with 'Success Skills' comprising Mind Skills, Social Skills, Team Skills and Study Skills. "Our focus is to encourage the innate capabilities as everyone is born with a unique feature and we believe in bringing out the best from the weakest. We follow a reinforcement and recapitulation process," says Retd. Col SS Minhas, CEO of KC Public Schools.

Situated in Nawanshahr, Punjab the KC Public School is spread over 8 acres of lush green land in calm, pleasant and pollution free environment making it ideal for an educational institution. This wide and beautiful learning environment imparts instructions to classes from pre- nursery to class XII. KC Public School is a co-educational day-boarding school affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi. The teaching strategy makes the school different from others. In this competitive era, where all the schools prove to be the best by increasing the number of toppers by recruiting the best among the lot, KCPS takes a different step by focusing on the weak students in the classes by having buddy system. Therefore, unlike the other schools, KCPS focuses on all students in the classes and involve them all in class activities. It does follow admission process of knowing their intake level by way of written exam, Interview for admission to senior classes and verbal tests for Pre Primary classes.

At KC Public School, every student is asked to come well prepared for the class and again the concepts, which are further reinforced into them through the questioning sessions where the weak students are in the focus.The teachers indulge in a positive rewarding strategy, which motivates the students in their learning. The strategy has proved to be successful as today; the school is filled with competitive students who can be only categorized with the speed of grasping rather than the old version avoiding weak students. Even the low performers and weak students develop the innate desire to perform when they see the high performers (strong students) in the heterogeneous class. Special classes, remedial classes is another strategy being implemented by the school and here, the teachers ensure that the weak students do not get entitled as weak as they need to sit for the special classes. The special classes are arranged by making a mix of students from all the categories and the students are guided to make a strong bonding so that everyone is able to help the other in their weak areas.

The school provides a sort of new age classroom feeling by using Educomp Smart Classes. Here, the subjects are not just taught, but demonstrated with the help of animation and video clips, on display system and computers. "It is rightly told that visual impact is more than the usual method of one way theory class where maximum senses of students are activated in the teaching learning process," pinpoints ColMinhas. This new way makes learning fun and interactive and the SAS (Smart Assessment System) helps the teachers to assess students accurately. "All the existing classrooms are converted into technology enable smart class rooms with interactive Digi board Systems with a computer connected to a dedicated smart class," adds ColMinhas. The knowledge center inside the school campus and the use of the digital resources such as animations, video, clips and simulated models altogether provides a multi-sensory learning experience for the students.

It is not a school, which focuses only on the academics; the philosophy towards the development of global citizenship makes the KCPublic School a prefect academy. The students are exposed to a wide variety of experiences including music, art, drama, dance, social experience, sports, physical, religious education to respect all religions as the teaching faculty is a homogeneous team comprising of teachers from all religions and these activities enrich the creative, cultural, environmental, social, physical and spiritual development of every student. The Art and Craft program lets the child express the creativity in a beautiful manner and it also enables them to cope up with their frustrations. Students are trained in Pottery, Paper Machine, Sculpturing, painting and sketching and in addition, the training in making replicas of beautiful landmarks and monuments gives them an understanding of architectural designs. As a whole, students are opened with wide career options rather than the usual professions of Doctors, Engineers and Architects. "We strive to make a better society by motivating the creativity and the inborn talents in the students," says Col. Minhas.For all the parents who like to make their kids have a perfect molding in the early years, KC Public School offers an enjoyable learning experience.

"The KC campus provides the state of the art infrastructure and modern facilities, may it be state of the Arts classrooms, laboratories, computer labs, playgrounds, Lawn tennis, swimming, horse riding and anything else required for a learning environment for academic & curricular activities. We would love to welcome you here and assure you a wonderful, calm and beautiful environment for your growth and studies."

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