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Fresh Talent Trending For E-Commerce

Faisal Nadeem Saiyed
Director of Human Resources -Expedia India
Sunday, January 31, 2016
Faisal Nadeem Saiyed
India's e-commerce market has been flourishing over the last few years. According to an ASSOCHAM survey, the industry grew at a staggering 88 percent in 2013 to $16 billion riding on growing online retail trends and defying slower economic growth and spiraling inflation. It is a rapidly expanding sector, throwing up thousands of new job opportunities every year.

In fact, e-commerce industry is spelling new trends in recruitment, by showing more preference for fresh talent. It is expected to be one of the hottest industry segments going forward and will add a lot of jobs in the market. With the increase in popularity of e-commerce among freshers', they are also actively looking at more opportunities in the industry. The increasing funds in the e-commerce domain also enable companies to obtain access to quality talent. Owing to the rapid rate of expansion, hiring in this segment is also set to increase manifold and will witness higher pay hikes, especially being a new-age sector.

The selection process for the freshers is a very important aspect. The strategy is to implement appropriate methods in on and off line actions like competitions or discussions and keep them going with an eye to recognize the right-fits to enable corporations to reach out to such people. E-commerce companies prefer breaking recognized norms of hiring and look out for new creativities such as focusing on creating an operative network on diverse platforms across industries for the precise profile and skill. However, there are some key considerations while making this choice.

It is imperative to keep in mind the individual talent of a person as it plays a very crucial role. There are a certain things for which one cannot be trained. It is important for the person to have strong fundamental knowledge of the field. In the growing domain of work, people need to be really good at collaborating and playing well with others while also honing their skills to give them a unique edge. Simultaneously, the outside insight of your network value will grow from a focus on internal influences to also include the brilliant minds you might be aware of beyond the organization that can be carried in on diverse projects or challenges. While intellectual rigor is valued, what is basically being sought is that the person should be able to demonstrate a co-relation between theory and practice. Logical thinking, analytical approach and problem solving are the key to what will strike the right chord.

Team engagement is a key attribute that not only allows a better way to harness individual skills, but also adds value when people with different abilities and talents brain storm together to create a shared learning. Good academic performance becomes a crucial element of a great resource as it reflects on diligence and sincerity of the employee. Generally people who have done consistently well are often preferred by companies vis-a-vis those who have big peaks and troughs in their academic credentials.

Grooming is the least understood, yet the most critical part of the entire hiring process. Good companies do not essentially want to hire those who are best dressed or most vocal. What is sought is strength of character, ability to handle ambiguity, and honesty under pressure. Very often, management students tend to 'over sell' grooming aspect and end up putting themselves in a spot. Soft spoken people, who can eloquent views in a logical and compelling manner, with an ability to handle sustained grilling by the interviewers, is more likely to win than someone who is just too slick.

Companies look for candidates who have ability to influence and impact people around them. Hence, participation in activities like Elocution, Debates, Dramatics, Fund raising acts as an added advantage. The objective is assessing on how well the person is able to work in a team environment.

With a growth rate of 50-55 percent, ecommerce in India is estimated to become Rs 50,000-crore industry by 2016 as per CRISIL. While on a growth ride, it is important to have knowledgeable people to create a balanced workforce. Experienced employees take up hands-on charge to train and groom the fresh talent that are hired. The industry offers plenty of opportunities available as the industry are young and evolving continuously. The knack of the e-commerce to engage people from all spheres and the flexible and growth oriented work-culture is the USP of the industry. This is an ideal industry for people who are fast-paced, fuelled by passion and creativity whether one is a fresher or an experienced hand.

Faisal Nadeem Saiyed

He is currently the Director of Human Resources at Expedia India. With over 18 years of extensive experience in Human Resources, he has worked in industries such as Financial Services, Insurance, IT and e-Commerce industries. A key aspect of his role at Expedia India involves working closely with APAC and Global HR leaders on strategic HR interventions.

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