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Engineering Colleges Ranking 2016

SI Edu Team
Tuesday, December 20, 2016
SI Edu Team
Engineering education in India has seen tremendous growth over the past decade, both in number of students and number of colleges. The recent growth in Indian engineering education has been overwhelmingly due to privately funded educational institutions rather than publicly funded ones.
Often the following questions have been asked, 'Aren't there too many engineers?' or 'Aren't there too many engineering colleges? Each of these questions will have answers in positive. The reason being that India and the world will always need human resources not only engineers but people with all other professions and expertise. But the need and supply faces a hook called skills. Skillful men are the ones required and not the ones with a mere degree and thereby every institute indulges in offering skill based learning methodologies which can produce better set of knowledgeable and skilled professionals.
Unlike every other institute, the better ones show traits of a higher standard in offering the same courses that is being offered elsewhere but with a difference and the difference lies in the commitment. This commitment reflects in the number of students who apply for admissions and the cream of quality students being chosen thereafter. Subsequently, this set of students with the guidance of faculty members and the infrastructure provided to them is not only successful in earning a good job but aces in every other aspects of their field of study. Those aspects bloom further as a student heads for research, innovation and entrepreneurship leaving a temptation of a job and moving for new ventures.
In this issue of Silicon India Education, we have brought you 'Engineering College Ranking' under which selected private engineering colleges has been ranked with a view to guide students towards choosing better colleges according to their expectations. Each of these institute exhibit a special commitment towards offering skillful education and making better professionals.Our team looks forward for students being benefitted through this.

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