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Cover Story:Sandip Foundation

SI Edu Team
Tuesday, December 20, 2016
SI Edu Team
Nashik is popular in the country for a host of things, from its beautiful landscape to the fact that it is Indian wine Capital. But for students, this district has something more to offer. Considered to be one of the best institutes in Maharashtra, the conglomerate of institutes that make up Sandip Foundation is reputed as one of the best private institute in the country. This feat is doubly impressive as Sandip Foundation has only been in existence for the last 11 years but has already managed to create a second campus in Madhubana, Bihar.
The Foundation is comprised of six institutes in Nashik providing education in Engineering, Management, Arts, Science, Pharmacy and Polytechnic Studies. In Bihar, the institute offers courses in Education and Polytechnic studies as well. Accredited by the AICTE and affiliated to Pune University this Foundation has been given ISO 90011-2208 certification and has been rated by CRISIL. With a passion for creating leaders who are well qualified professionals in their respective fields and are also highly ethical human beings, the Institute has another vision in equipping its students to face modern challenges such as the high pace in technology as well as the information explosion brought on with the Smartphone era.

With any up and coming institute, the major hurdle faced has always been attracting educated, experienced and qualified faculty. However, this hurdle has been crossed with a plan of attack that has worked brilliantly for the foundation. The institute promotes as many research work, projects, and consultancy, conduction of national and international level conferences, seminars and workshops. The institute also promotes foreign exchange programmes with international universities and even provides sponsorship for candidates pursuing their PhD programmes. New faculty members are provided orientation programs through which they are acclimatized to the working culture of the institute. In fact, they are mentored by senior faculty members. The faculty members are also encouraged to mentor the students and this proves beneficial to the teachers who have to constantly stay ahead with the new generation. Through their 'Train the Trainer' programmes, the institute is sure to constantly hire a set of faculty whose qualifications are assured and who are capable of teaching the syllabus and curriculum. The institute has gone a step further in encouraging live projects for the teachers to be involved in, research work and industry link. The faculty are also involved in the administrative roles and responsibilities. This gives them a sense of loyalty, that they are not mere employees of this institute but play an active role in its functioning as well.

In today's technology driven world, changes in the industry are rapid and many institutes are finding themselves at the end of the line trying to keep their students updated and industry ready. However, Sandip Foundation has no issues here. Firstly, the institute follows the outcome based education where end goals are fixed for the students to meet by the end of each semester. However, this is not the only pedagogy followed. Case studies, practical assignment simulations, discussions, presentations role plays, on-job training and even projects are also learning outlets provided for all the students. The students are thus kept occupied with their academic commitments. The institute also encourages students in project works and research in state of the art labs. This is because the institute fosters close relationships with the industry through tie-ups. This is carried out through the Industry Institution Interaction Cell. So far there are over 60 companies with which the institute has an Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). Companies such as, Global Packaging Industries, Nova industries and even the Maharashtra Chamber of Commerce have signed MoUs for research with the institute which aims at setting a benchmark in research. Beyond that, the institute provides unparalleled skill training for the students such as Java and Android programming, courses on stock market with on-the-job training, and SAP business models among many others. The institute also organizes AYYAM a technical event, UDAN, A Management fest every year. Here students are given a platform to showcase their talents in the field of engineering and management. There are even foreign exchange programs for students who can then work on project going on in the international institutes.

With entrepreneurship becoming more and more popular among today's youth, it is natural that Sandip Foundation prepares its students in this particularly challenging field. An annual three day entrepreneurship awareness camp is held for the students of management. The institute also organizes a 15 day Entrepreneurship programme where students are taught the finer points of managing their business idea and transforming it to a full-fledged commercial project. They are also made aware of the various schemes in place by the government for start-ups. To further inspire the students and to give them insider's tips, renowned entrepreneurs are brought in for regular guest lectures. With its own incubation centre and entrepreneurship development cell, Sandip Foundation is able to further assist its students who aspire towards running their own businesses successfully. The institute has received a grant of Rs. 45 lakhs from Despartment of Science & Technology(DST), Government of India in this regard and has signed MoUs with various industries that help students in starting up their venture. The institute leave no stones unturned and even request the help of the alumni. The alumni act as great role models and provide industrial knowledge to aspiring entrepreneurs. They also assist in organizing numerous industrial visits for the students. This is beyond the visits that the institute organizes. In fact new venture management and entrepreneurial development have been added to the course curriculum to introduce the concept in a more academic setting.

Sandip Foundation in its thoroughness in all other fields is able to translate all its efforts into visible results through the placement process that takes place. The institute boasts 100 percent placement for all its eligible students. However, this has not come about with minimum effort on the part of the management. Sandip Foundation empowers the students to be prepared for the future. Training programmes in group discussions, personality development, interview techniques and so on, help the students to prepare for their future. The institute also provide domain specific training for students in specialized areas such as research methodology, data interpretation, business analytics and research based training. There are also MoUs with companies such as Bosh, Mahindra &Mahindra and ABB who are often invited to provide interview training and guidelines for the students as well as corporate etiquette. This fosters closer relationships with the industry and makes it easier for students to be placed in companies that they are constantly exposed to. With the highest package offered for the academic year of 2015-2016 came to Rs 5.25 lakhs while the average package was Rs. 2.06 lakhs. Some of the major recruiters of the institute include Amazon, L & T, Mphasis, Decimal Point, Godrej , Airtel, eClerx, Mahindra and Wipro among other industrial giants.
An institute with state of the art facilities including library, research labs equipped with advanced instruments, and hostels, Sandip Foundation aims to provide a comfortable living space for students and staff as well as an environment that inspires academic engagement. The institute even provides scholarships including state level scholarships for the students requiring it. The other goals include international placements for the students as well as entrepreneurship development, skill enhancement and research. Despite winning numerous awards, this institute has not paused once in its 11 years of existence and is marching steadily towards becoming an academic giant.

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