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Cosmi Kids

SI Edu Team
Wednesday, December 21, 2016
SI Edu Team
'An extension of home where a child's body, mind and spirit are enriched' is what defines CosmiKids, a Preschool based in Mumbai. However, CosmiKids is not purely an Indian establishment. Founded by Judy Julin, an Educational pacesetter, author and a heart centered business leader, CosmiKids was initially launched in California, U.S. CosmiKids is renowned for crafting and developing a host of new cutting edge concepts, activities and inspiring avenues of expression and IT-enhanced educational products for kids across the world. Brining this revolutionary new child enrichment center to India is Kidsology Educare, an Indian company incorporated on 2011 to empower the kids to discover their essential potential and make them a self-assured learner. Kidsology Educare is also a Master Franchisee of CosmiKids, U.S.

Operated from Mumbai, the unique feature of the CosmiKids is based on certain principles, as it is believed that each child is unique and every one of them has their own pace of learning. Hence, through various fun activities, CosmiKids intends to infuse important values such as character, self-image and self-esteem development, emotional intelligence, cooperation and the power of imagination. "These days, children do not get much peer groups to play and socialize. Here, we provide them a platform to socialize, interact and this in turn helps their psychological and social development," says Bela Kotwani, CEO and Principal, CosmiKids. In order to tangle the various characteristics, beliefs and principles among the kids, CosmiKids focuses on the life skills that are required to survive and thrive in the real world in a loving and heart-centered way.

Rakesh Kotwani, Chief Financial Officer, CosmiKids says, "We don't believe in competing with others but ourselves. This makes us work more on our own ideation, to make the institute facilitate more to the children's and parents." CosmiKids strongly believes that competition will take away the real essence of what they intend to do for a child's growth. Therefore, they ensure that the child is safe and secure, and emphasize on the importance of social and emotional skills inducing dimensions of self-aspiration.

The teachers indulge themselves on one-on-one level with a child to make them follow the best possible way to inherit important lessons of life. The management takes pride in the expertise of the teaching staff of CosmiKids, as each of them comes with ample amount of experience from education field and skills to nurture these innocent souls into great humans. Not only do they teach, but also they learn through training programs that are conducted in every two months. These trainings include story telling sessions, behavioral training, taken by in-house or experts from various institutes. At present, over 17 teaching and non-teaching staff members guide 55 children in the three centers with teacher-children ratio of 1:8 and 1:5 for different programs respectively.
CosmiKids has also co-created a unique, multi-sensory educational methodology called 'Resonant Learning Approach' (RLA), a one-of-a-kind, multi-generational learning center that incorporates the beliefs of the institute so far. CosmiKids looks forward to expand to 20 more centers in the next five years, enriching their strong belief in making the best use of a child's five senses stimulating the unique learning methodology.

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