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College of the Year 2015

SI Edu Team
Monday, February 1, 2016
SI Edu Team
Under the 'Modinomics' of Make in India, the Indian higher education system has witnessed a number of changes launching programs that allows faculty resources from abroad at government's expense and a ranking system of our own involving the leading institutes in the country. The matter of concern is the proper budgetary allocation which has not been enhanced for the formulation of these plans.
The Higher Education sector has witnessed a tremendous increase in the number of Universities and educational institutes in recent few decades. According to MHRD, 'The number of Universities has increased 34 times from 20 in 1950 to 677 in 2014.' This rise in number along with improved structure of learning has attracted many students who would otherwise prefer to go abroad.

With over 200 private universities in the country, there are a number of private institutes offering courses of different verticals under them. As the government promises to provide budgets for improving the system, most of which goes to institutes under the central and state government. Interestingly, private institutes which could only avail a part of it partially for research projects and entrepreneurial ventures, the institutes have been proving their success at par with the well funded institutions. Unquestionably, there must be something as to why these institutes taste the fruits of progress.

With the influx of finances from private owners, corporate leaders and many other sectors; development starts in these institutions and along with development, comes the need of globalization. So seeking globalization, institute's leads to collaborations and MoU with many educational organizations which slowly clear the mist of ignorance and leads to improvising our education system, teaching methodology in which exposure plays a key role to see what could be added more into our system in comparison to the ones abroad.

Unfolding some of the best opportunities offered by institutes in the country leading to a blend of both concrete and abstract set of learning system, we bring you some of the top institutes across the country selected by our panel of experts as the 'College of the Year 2015.' In this issue of Silicon India Education, these institutes are brought into notice on their work of creating the country's own professionals, apparently bringing in the same essence of Make in India working with the magical wand of planning and execution single handedly.

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