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Best 25 Colleges to Hire From

SI Edu Team
Monday, February 6, 2017
SI Edu Team
Today, India has the potential to become next Asian giant to be a global superpower in the near future. The demographic dividend plays a significant role among the factors leading to India's growth. According to the data predicted by the International Labor Organization (ILO) by 2020, India will have 116 million workers in the work in the age group of 20 to 24 years and they will be the real builders of the promising future. With more than 10, 000 educational institutions and nearly 4+ million students graduating from engineering and management colleges, India still faces the problem of lack of employability skills. Corporate often complain that young graduates do not possess the necessary skills and talents required for a job and it is the reflection of the inherent flaws in the education system. The imperfect delivery of the curricula, an archaic examination system, shortage of skilled teachers, inadequate supplementary reading and the student's inability to correlate theory and practice are all part of these flaws.

Now it has led businesses enter the training field to help students and colleges raise the employability quotient. Many institutes also try to form their in-house skill development and recruitment teams to ensure regular monitoring. With many experts on the panel, Silicon India Education understands the institutions in the country that are striving relentlessly to provide an effective learning environment to bridge the skill gap meeting the industry needs. Our expert team consisting of top HR managers and Educationalists, have come up with a comprehensive set of institutions in the country that have performed well in parameters such as pre placement training, placements , average and highest salary packages, industry interaction, innovative programs. In the next few pages, we bring you some of the institutes across the country selected by our expert panel '25 Best Colleges to hire from'.

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