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BK Birla Institute of Engineering and Technology: Infusing creativity with caliber

SI Edu Team
Monday, April 18, 2016
SI Edu Team
"Knowledge for the sake of knowledge without benefiting fellow beings is a dead end; and only leads to the blind alley of frustration. Education is a meaningless ritual, unless it moulds the character of students and imparts in them a strong sense of values". -Dr. Sarala Birla

Dr.Sarala Birla, an exceptional educationist who founded 45 institutions in her lifetime and is also the founding member of the institute believed in education that serves a purpose. The essence of her strong passion is kept alive by the institution by excelling in everything they venture into. BK Birla Institute of Engineering and Technology founded with the vision of providing quality education and creating responsible and skilled professionals, who can be instrumental to the society, is today synonymous for the same. "Our aim is to build an effervescent community of Engineers and Technocrats, where faculty and students are cronies in a mutually inspirational education process, engrossed in learning. This learning process would lead to the inventions and then to discoveries," says Dr. P S Bhatnagar, Director, BKBIET. The institution is known for their strong international collaborations and exceptional research progress being made by the students. Smt. Manjushree Khetan, an educationist and trustee is guiding force to take the institution towards excellence.

International collaborations result in exchange programs, internships and joint activities. Exchange programs give the students the chance to get lessons from the most learned professors from other countries and also provide them with the opportunity to stay in a foreign country for a particular time period and gain experiences that can help them get a wide outlook. Students are sent for internships and Master Programme to international universities such as, University of Haute-Alsace, University of Nantes, Bangkok University and University of Rennes. So far more than 260 students have successfully completed their internships from the international universities and same numbers of students from the foreign universities have completed their internships with BKBIET. "Internships particularly in other countries help the students collect experience and knowledge that they bring back and apply here," adds Dr. P S Bhatnagar.

The internships help the students understand about the industry they are about to enter, although much before the internships ,the students are prepared for the industry ,the trainings given to them helps them become more aware of the corporate environment. The training and placement cell trains the students on various aspects such as soft skills, personality development and field specific technical trainings. The trainings and the internships finally result into excellent placement records, with major recruiters such as Cognizant, Robert Bosch and Cisco Systems, who offer packages up to Rs. 5 lakhs to the students. Apart from internships and trainings, the institution excels at research activities too.

By conducting regular seminars, workshops and conferences related to research work, the institute encourages students to take research. Guiding the students with their research and encouraging them to take up research, the faculty of the institution who are all highly qualified and industry experts are equally involved in the process. The establishment has more than one lab in each department for daily projects and research projects. "We have 'Professional Training and Research Centre', where Government and Industry sponsored; research projects are undertaken. On an average 20 interns from various French and Thai Universities are visiting our centre during every summer since 2010 to develop extraordinary projects," mentions Dr. P S Bhatnagar. Keeping in mind research takes the form of innovation only when the researcher has the freedom to do the research in a way they want and have what they need to complete it on estimated time. The institution provides every facility for a student to make them achieve the optimum results from their research.

Providing the right facilities and good environment for research is not the only priority of the institution, BKBIET makes sure that all the requirements for the students are met with the appropriate facilities right from the industry visits and workshops to international internships. With faculty strength of more than one hundred and a yearly student intake of more than seven hundred, BKBIET is a formidable competition to the other engineering institutions in Rajasthan. The institution has achieved so much in less than a decade of founding and with the speed it is growing, the institute is projected to become one of the top engineering colleges in country.

Dr. P S Bhatnagar, Director
He has done his M.Sc. (Electronics) from Agra University, M.Sc. Tech (Telecommunication) from BITS, Pilani, M.S. (Telecommunication) from Catholic University, Belgium, and PhD from Vikram University, Ujjain. From the year 1971 to 1995 he worked in CEERI (Central Electronics Engineering Research Institute) as Scientist and Project leader. Later from 1995-2006 he worked in Birla Technical Training Institute as a Principal. He has many publications to his credit. 106 papers in Indian and International journals and Symposium digests, 20 Technical reports, 2 Patents on Antennas and 3 Books on Electronics. He has received many awards in Scientific, Technical and Social Service. He has been very instrumental in shaping the institute into an institution of excellence.

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