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Ashoka University

SI Edu Team
Monday, June 13, 2016
SI Edu Team
Ashoka University is a pioneer providing depth and breadth of learning, with an exposure to students in diverse disciplines with special emphasis on research. They offer undergraduate and postgraduate programmes across humanities, social sciences and fundamental natural sciences helping students to develop critical thinking with a commitment to public service. Ashoka education lays a strong emphasis on basic knowledge, thorough academic research based on rigorous pedagogy and hands-on experience with real-world challenges.

Ashoka University's partnerships with the top rated institutions in the world extended to the development of faculty exchanges, summer abroad programmes for students and research projects. The university ensures the successful placement of their students in the leading organizations with the effective career guidance and counseling sessions with experts exploring student's areas of interest. The guidance of the most inspirational faculty helps in developing a global reputation for innovative research. They encourage academic and research collaborations in order to establish an exciting interdisciplinary environment on campus. Ashoka University, a nonprofit university, is a right place for a multidisciplinary liberal education as it transcends the boundaries between the arts and sciences for an open ended learning.

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