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June - 2016 - issue > Top 20 Private Universities - 2016

Ansal University

SI Edu Team
Monday, June 13, 2016
SI Edu Team
Ansal University is a place which empowers students to explore the unknown, through passionate, dedicated and innovative teaching and research. The dedicated team of faculty members ensures that the students are well trained and holistically developed to meet the challenges of their chosen profession in this competitive world. The University works for creating a significant difference in the lives of students by giving them intensive personality enhancement and mentorship program, which will help in producing world class communicators, orators, public speakers, entrepreneurs and leaders. They focus on integration of curricula with the needs and demands of industry in all its manifestations to achieve work fulfillment.

Ansal University has state of the art infrastructure, facilities, ambience and organizational culture, to nurture thinking and critical understanding needed in pursuit of professional knowledge and competence. It is an institution with dedicated faculty working for the betterment of the college. The strengths of the university include strong international collaborations with some of the top Universities of U.S., Canada and Australia and besides the regular faculty members; the institutes have a history of long standing academic relationship with eminent personalities. University also conducts various training programs for personality enhancement and professional development of students.

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