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A Thriving Ecosystem built on Fallacy

Sandeep Sen
Wednesday, March 2, 2016
Sandeep Sen
Statistically nine out of ten startups fail. A study by Gallup Inc. in 2011 found that India was in the bottom quarter in several important indicators of a well functioning entrepreneurial ecosystem. It was also discovered that India has the third largest start-up ecosystem in the world. Whereas the layman may say that this is far from the truth. With the success stories of startups such as Flipkart, Redbus and Myntra doing the rounds in the press, it is hard to believe that the startup ecosystem of the country is not ideal.

Part of the problem lies in the founders themselves. Experts that have worked with startups have said that most young founders that come up with the business idea do not even conduct the preliminary research to determine if their idea is new. The primary reason for this is that most entrepreneurs are not ready to start their own businesses. The idea that entrepreneurs are suave, ideated individuals fated for success is the biggest lie invented in the 21st century. Most entrepreneurs are hard working dreamers and business owners who are ready to sacrifice their social life at the odd chance that their ideas may be successful. As the odds still stand at 1 success for every 9 failures.

Business schools throughout the country have understood this need of the younger generation to become job creators rather than job seekers. Now students who are interested in starting their own companies immediately after their academic career are also able to meet potential financiers and investors. The network they build will prove to be invaluable to them and the experience, priceless.

There are institutions in the country that are working towards this ideal and their results display the level of their progress. To celebrate this growth, we present to you What If not IIMs! B-School Survey, 2016. We hope this provides the right insight to all the stakeholders: Aspiring Students, Management Institutions and the Industry.

This issue also features Sandip Foundation on the cover, an institute that is building a culture of excellence. The story explores the various avenues where the institute is excelling.

We hope this proves to be beneficial to you.

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