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A Billion-Dollar Baby

Sarath Syam
Assistant Managing Editor-Silicon India Education
Wednesday, December 21, 2016
Sarath Syam
Despite being a bibliophile, some of the best stories that I still remember were told by my grandmother, who ruled her brood and roost with her proverbial iron hand in velvet glove and a soft heart. With sleepy eyes and broken words, she would tell me the world's most inspiring and entertaining stories of a handsome prince and a beautiful princess before we both fall asleep. Today, I realize that her stories were educative and helped me to feel empathetic about the people around me. Indeed, before the extinction of joint families from our society, much of our early care and education was informal, within the family and largely through grandmothers' caring practices, stories, lullabies and traditional infant games, handed down from one generation to other.

However, in this knowledge-driven economy, increasing competition in education and changing social realities are prompting parents to plan their children's future from early childhood, making the world a high fertile land for preschools to grow at a breakneck pace. As a result, the preschool segment is the newest and fast growing entry into the education industry of the country and is expected to reach USD 4.27 billion in 2020, growing at a CAGR of almost 22 percent during 2016 - 2020.

With low entry barrier, no Government control, high interest from parents and an evolving franchise model to scale up operations, preschool education as a business is lucrative and holds tremendous growth potential. While both the organized as well as the non-organized sector is active in this field, in reality, a very few people setup preschools in a planned fashion and a number of mistakes are committed that prove costly and difficult to resolve. Hence, finding a preschool for our kids is as difficult as applying for an advanced degree.

In this issue of SiliconIndia Education, we have come up with some of the most popular preschools the country that are offering high quality academics coupled with fun-filled learning environment. 'Top Preschools in India 2016' is the result of an extensive research that was carried out by the panel of experts at SiliconIndia and we believe that our intensive short listing of preschools will help to ease the pain of parents who are in search of the best of the best for their kid's future.

We hope this proves beneficial to you.

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