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AIIMS Aiming for a Structural Change in Health Care

SI Edu Team
Tuesday, April 28, 2015
SI Edu Team
Progressive hospitals and healthcare providers across the country have been working towards introducing structural changes and processes to transform themselves into an integrated end-to-end acute and chronic care service delivery organizations. AIIMS, Delhi has been undergoing a quiet revolution over the last one year in bringing innovative and patient oriented services so as to cater to the huge number of patients who look up to AIIMS for the final word in affordable and quality healthcare. "AIIMS has been catering to an ever increasing patient volume and although the statistics seem overwhelming, a lot can be done to improve patient care as well as to bring satisfaction amongst both the patients and care givers," said Prof MC Misra, Director AIIMS, Delhi. While he also said "You may remember how the railways and banking industry reinvented themselves in India using computerization in the 1990's. I firmly believe that by leveraging this patient 'load', computerization can similarly bring a turnaround in patient care at AIIMS besides revolutionizing research and education activities. " To showcase the IT innovations implemented at AIIMS, department of IT also organized the 4th International Conference & Workshop on "Cost Effective Use of Technology in E- Healthcare" at AIIMS.
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