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Impetus Wealth Management: A Holistic Approach towards Addressing Unique Financial Goals

Deepshikha Singh
Tuesday, January 31, 2017
Deepshikha Singh
Managing the available resources and meeting one's business objectives using the same is a talent which every business owner seeks today. However, managing finances and simultaneously keeping the profit ratio higher within a company is not every businessman's cup of tea. With increasing income and affluence in India, wealth management is slowly establishing itself as a very important form of service that can be utilized by all especially people who may not have sound financial background but are interested in safeguarding and growing their wealth in a systematic way. Sensing the rising need for Process-based investment services as an opportunity, P R Dilip, an industry veteran with over two decades of experience in Indian Capital Market, teamed with few professional friends in 1994 and established Impetus Wealth Management. Set up initially as an equity research firm, today Impetus has evolved into a full-fledged wealth management company, providing Portfolio Management Services under the Portfolio Manager Regulations of SEBI.

Designed to Create, Grow and Protect Your Wealth
Headquartered in Mumbai, Impetus Wealth Management was built with a clear motive of providing research based investment advisory services for institutional as well as individual investors. A SEBI registered Portfolio Manager; this company is globally renowned for its unique range of services which include Portfolio Management, Wealth Management services, Estate Planning, Transaction Platform for Equity, Mutual Fund Schemes and Insurance products. In an attempt to address the stumbling blocks of wealth management industry, Impetus has also created its own Investor Profiling System (IPS) that has helped the company address the investment needs of large number of High Net-Worth Individuals (HNI) from different walks of life from different parts of the world.

Keeping up with their objective, Impetus assists its customers to clearly define their financial goals, time frame, risk appetite and available resources. Based on the results of its exhaustive client-profiling process, Impetus suggests suitable portfolio of assets to the respective investor, while also considering the key aspects such as Capital preservation and optimum risk adjusted Growth. Once an investor understands and accepts the suggested investment philosophy and process, the dynamic team of Impetus welcomes them to Impetus family through an agreement as per the relevant regulations and thus the journey begins. Acknowledging the client-centric services of Impetus, Cap. Ganesh Raja Dhanuskodi, a Merchant Navy Professional adds, "If it can be summed up in short, I would describe the work done by P.R.Dilip as, 'having thorough knowledge of the subject and executing with utmost integrity'. The combination is a rare commodity. One need not think twice in recommending him for the area of work he is involved in."

The Enabling Process
"At Impetus, we believe that, as the financial goal of each individual is different from another, the financial planning for each individual also has to be different and personalized. We are an unbiased wealth management firm and our agenda is not to sell any financial product to our investors. Instead, we educate our investors about the need-based financial planning rather than trend-based investments as what is in trend today may not help an investor to achieve his/her financial or life goals going forward. Thus, enabling the investor to take the right investment decisions" speaks P R Dilip, Founder, Impetus Wealth Management.

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