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IT's Sambhav: Globalizing Midsized IT Products & Service Firms

si Team
Monday, August 26, 2019
si Team
Traditional business models are getting disrupted globally; it's a global phenomenon right now. Fuelling this trend are rapid innovations in niche technologies that has short shelf life. Enterprises on the other side are looking at ways to stay relevant and continue to grow by adopting such innovative solutions - Faster than competition, yet at lower cost.

So, today there are a whole lot of small and mid-size, stable, IT companies that provide innovative solutions, trying to differentiate themselves and struggling with the growth game. They would have succeeded in pockets perhaps in home country or known geography, some by chance others by design, but yet could not spread beyond these pockets. Few reasons for their struggle could be lack of experience of selling in the fiercely competitive international markets, knowledge about target segments, proven sales and marketing approach, differentiating factors from world class competing products, understanding of markets nuances, higher cost as entry barriers and last but not the least, overall readiness of the organization at large.

Catch 22 for both. This is the challenge, IT's Sambhav, a Bangalore based boutique Management and Sales consulting firm is trying to solve. IT's Sambhav helps these niche IT product and solution companies by defining effective routes to expand internationally, Faster yet Methodical.

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The need and appetite to channelize the niche & innovative solutions to various emerging and developed markets became the driving force for Gaurav Mehta (Founder & CEO, IT's Sambhav) to start IT's Sambhav in 2015. Having managed his 2 start-ups in early days of his 20 years of career and holding senior positions at BFSI product companies like Finacle Infosys & Nucleus Software, he brings in wealth of International market experience.

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