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Legasis Services Private Limited

Legasis Services Private Limited

About the Company

Legasis stands for Legal Systems and Integrated Solutions. Incorporated in March 2006 for developing IT enabled Legal Support Solutions, Legasis is backed by a full service law firm ‘Legasis Partners’ and is a niche player with equal focus on IT and Lawyering. Migrated from a start-up to a growing Knowledge Intensive Organization, it has now made its presence in India and globally in compliance as well as IP domain.

With an experienced team of 163 employees (post graduate lawyers with excellent international language capabilities), subject-matter experts, senior advisory management, backed by a full service law firm ‘Legasis Partners’; a global network with lawyers and associates, Legasis established its identity in a wide range of industries like Iron & Steel, Infrastructure, Cement, BFSI, IT, Automotive, Pharmaceuticals, FMCG, Hospitality, Retail, Power, and Education, within a span of 10 years.

They provide services and solutions catering to Compliance Management, Intellectual Property, Counter Fraud Practices, Legal Research and Due Diligence to onshore and offshore corporations.  They have implemented solutions across industry sectors. Some examples include Energy, FMCG, Automobile, BFSI, Infrastructure, Manufacturing, etc.

Being a focused legal support services company in the area of Compliance, Intellectual Property and Counter Fraud Practices enables us to successfully provide clients with highly specialized knowledge based solutions and services. Their deep domain knowledge of Law and Legislations in India and in select countries internationally , helps them understand their client needs and structure bespoke solutions.

The technology platform for delivery of the solutions is built in-house and can be accessed on–premise or on the cloud securely. Legasis is the only Compliance Solutions Company that is willing to back up its quality of delivery through a warrant on performance.

Current Market Landscape

With the increasing acceptance of India as a destination, a range of non-CRM and non-transaction related services are being increasingly off-shored. Among these, a range of higher value services requiring not just the skills, but knowledge, are rapidly gaining attraction. ‘Legal Services’ is one area that has generated significant interest and outsourcing of legal services is no longer related as doing away with the responsibilities, rather it has become an opportunity to learn how to manage differently.

The US and UK are already familiar with the cost benefits derived from off-shoring to India; and ‘proof of concept’ along with increasing competitive pressures will lead more law firms and corporations to offshore their legal services. Market leaders will expand significantly in coming years, and will take on more complex and high-value jobs, which are otherwise considered too sensitive to be off-shored to third-party vendors. Aggressive moves by larger multiservice companies which are adding legal services to their portfolio are likely to threaten several smaller vendors, who do not have the financial muscle and the capability to move up the value chain. Many low-value jobs, that are process and skill driven rather than knowledge based, will see erosion in billing rates, with the entry of competition.

Large international law firms will explore joint venture opportunities with existing Indian law firms or third party vendors. Many of the smaller players will be unable to invest adequately to face competition as the industry matures in India. Already, it appears that some of them are positioning themselves towards getting acquired. This fits in well with the likely plans of large companies looking to add scale or global law firms, who may consider acquiring existing niche vendors to accelerate their efforts.

The major constraints in growth lie within the quality of legal education available in India, along with a restricted market for legal services. The issue of quality of legal education can be battled by extensive in-house training; however the restricted markets can pose a substantial hindrance to the development of off-shore practices in India. The government policy to allow the entry of international law firms into the Indian market will provide a huge impetus to the growth of off-shored legal services from India. The forces of globalization, technology enablement, disaggregation of work, process standardization, and deregulation will shift the legal landscapes whether they welcome these forces or not.

Addressing those Challenges

For them challenges are nothing but an opportunity to excel better and give back to the industries which run the Indian economy. We deliver economical and effective solutions with a focus on holistic solutions over rendering services or selling products. They, being a growing knowledge intensive company, provide a holistic view of the solution with the main aim to resolve the problem, thereby providing an end to end service which has always been their key responsibility area.

Being a premium player, their tools are well-equipped to cater to specific needs of their varied clientele. For each client they deep dive into their knowledge pool and come up with the best suitable solution. They take pride in the authenticity of  their services.

Companies in India seek economical and effective legal solutions and appropriate vendor/supplier options to deal with regulatory pressures on compliance. Their aim is to provide that in every aspect. Therefore, it gets easier for them to dominate not only the Indian market but create an impact globally.


Our services include:

·     Compliance Management

They are a Market Leader in the assisted compliance management space, delivering solutions and services through qualified, experienced and skilled professionals in the area of law and technology. Their goal has been to simplify, de-mystify and assist in making Legal and Regulatory Compliance easier. Through their easy-to-use compliance management solution, “Legatrix”, they continually deliver value to their clients. Legatrix is an IT-enabled legal support solution that enables and monitors legal and regulatory compliances for corporates. It enables senior management with a one-stop view of the organization’s compliances and control mechanism through comprehensive compliance dashboards and provides necessary information at the operating level by creating a comprehensive matrix on laws and its management.

·    Compliance Consulting, Analytics & Audit Services

They provide high quality consulting on various aspects of Compliance for clients, depending on their requirements. It is a continual comprehensive review that provides health checkup for a company against its applicable compliances. They provide qualification analysis of a company’s compliance program, backed by analytical resources and tools.

·       Intellectual Property Management

They provide solutions and services in Creation, Protection and Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR). They are a ‘One Stop Shop’ for all IP Requirements. We follow globally benchmarked standards and processes.  Their domain expertise lies in Information Technology, Pharmaceutical, Mechanical and many more.

They also manage their Client’s IP portfolio using an in-house developed IP Portfolio Management software solution called “LIPs”. LIPs is a comprehensive docketing system for Patents, Trademark, Copyright and Design related cases. LIPs provides efficient management of various IP right from the filing of the application throughout its entire lifecycle. LIPs can either be installed at the in-house server of your company/firm or can be availed as SaaS (Software as a Service) which allows you to access information from anywhere, anytime.    is a one-stop innovation capture module assisting micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME’s) to convert innovative ideas into intangible assets such as Intellectual Property. The Portal provides end-to-end solutions for MSMEs focused on building a competitive position through innovation. They assist their MSMEs in nurturing and managing product innovations and intellectual property in a systematic and effective manner.

·       Counter Fraud Practice

Through their Counter Fraud Practice (CFP), they address the most vital and difficult questions of ‘Now What’ confronted by the Management, following the outbreak of a Fraud and instances of Corruption and Bribery. They offer combined experience of about 200 years of dealing with Corporate Fraud, given the expertise of their battery of lawyers as well as enforcement professionals, who have experience of dealing with such issues.

·      Roznama

It is a web based litigation management solution that assists General Counsels in understanding, managing, controlling and strategizing litigation across the company. The solution incorporates detailed analysis of modules like Notices, Litigation and Arbitration.

·       CARRAR

It is an IT-Enabled Legal Support Service for efficiently managing the entire lifecycle of contracts with the capability to undertake large volume of contract management work.

·       Legroom

Legroom is their database management system, software, which enables creation and management of data. Legroom provides services like customized proprietary workflows, audit trails, etc. Legroom is easy to use, provides search navigation and is accessible 24/7.

·       Pranali

Pranali stands for ‘Sustainable System’. Services offered by Pranali include Implementation of Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Workplace Act, 2013 and Corporate Social Responsibility Monitoring and Reporting.

·      CS92§11

It is a cloud based hosting portal for practicing Company Secretaries.  CS92§11 is used for tracking and generating MGT 8 report and certification.

·       Complwyers

It is a compliance management portal for micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs).

Differentiating Factors

·       Legasis with its lowbrow and ground-up solutions based approach, provides the client with the best tailor made solution for adherence to laws and regulations, along with handholding their executives and stakeholders throughout the process, thereby helping our clients to proactively comply with other statutory and regulatory compliances rather than reacting to non-compliance events.

·       The company also provides an innovative financial cover in case of loss/penalty to a client due to non-compliance.

·       The only Indian Company that has expertise to assist Indian clients in providing Compliance solutions for their international subsidiaries.

·       The technology platforms for the delivery of various solutions are built in-house and can be accessed on–premise or on the cloud securely and are highly customizable as per client needs.

·       Legasis being a focused legal support services company, provides clients with highly specialized knowledge based solutions and services for compliance management, litigation management, contract management and the like.

·       They have created a vast knowledge repository in the compliance arena in India and also across 32 jurisdictions globally. Only company which provides legal support services broken down into ground level tasks across various legislations.

·       They not only provide support services for compliance management but have also ventured into litigation and contract management with our solutions called “Roznama” and “Carrar” respectively.


Some of their Clients include: Tata Motors, JLR, Mylan, Thermax, Godrej, Adani, Reliance, Volkswagen, Procter & Gamble, Daimler, Merck, GlaxoKleineSmith, HDFC, IDFC, HCL, BNY Mellon, BlueDart, NSE,  Sesa Goa, Tata Steel, Wells Fargo, Shoppers Stop, Landmark Group, Suzlon, CEAT, Kirloskar, etc.

Organizational Culture

Legasis’s employees are their pride. They are a family of 163 dedicated professionals who believe in Performance, Efficiency, Accountability and Knowledge (PEAK), as a part of our first philosophy. State of the art IT systems enable their members to be outstanding in their deliverables. They embody a high degree of Knowledge Factor (K-Factor) through well defined K-Management initiatives in K-Application, K-Retention and K-Enrichment.

From time to time, for the betterment of our employees, Legasis initiates various ventures to reward, motivate, and inspire them to succeed in their respective fields. They have a robust reward program, called ‘Honey-Comb’, wherein they encourage their employees to receive incentives and other benefits by promoting new business opportunities. Legasis also provides a unique housing loan policy which helps the employees in their initial down payment for their desired homes.

At Legasis, they have a Group Medical Policy wherein the entire insurance premium is paid by the company on behalf of the employees. The policy also covers family members of the employees.

Team building is a critical aspect of their work ethics. Annual gatherings such as Town Hall and Compliance 10/10 week keep their employees well motivated and enthusiastic. Their initiatives to celebrate every religious festival with fun and vigor, birthdays, off-sites are only their attempts to strengthen the bond between them. Furthermore, they provide regular health check up camps at their workplace and awareness lectures by doctors on various health related issues.

Harboring Innovation

At Legasis, innovation is considered to be one of the KRAs. They strive for excellence and provide necessary resources to stimulate new ideas and pave paths for new ventures. Brain storming and implementing unique strategies in their day to day work is something they aspire to achieve. Also, they train their employees and help them focus in their weak areas to reach a level of expertise and build their character as professionals.

Legasis has developed internal processes named ‘LEAP’ and ‘DART’, which not only safeguard information from unauthorized access but also act as drivers to ensure performance of obligations towards their clients in terms of timely delivery and quality control. Their processes are transparent to the clients. These processes are developed by their experts and comply with industry standards.

Global Strategy

·       They are in the process of integrating different solutions into one platform to cater to various needs of the client through a single platform.

·       They are also exploring the possibility of  unbundling the solutions into various processes to cater to specific needs of the clients.

·       They are making active efforts for creating International Alliances to access markets all over the world in both the IP sector as well as compliance.

Quick Facts

·       Year of founding: 2006

·       Founding members: Suhas Tuljapurkar

·       Office locations: Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, and Hyderabad

·       Company strength: 163 professionals