I am a girl and a non-engineering student. Am I allowed to participate?
Yes, women pursuing a Science, Technology, Engineering, Math or Design course are welcome to participate. Please read the Eligibility Criteria for full details.
Can I choose to work on problems which are related to the theme but address aspects different from those mentioned in the scope?
Yes, if the problem statement is relevant to any of the themes specified (Security, Health, Education) for this competition, you are allowed to work on it. You need to make sure that you clearly define the problem in your deliverables. It is left to the judges discretion whether they find the problem statement relevant to the theme or not.
If I have a prototype implementation of my idea, can I submit that as well?
A prototype is not a requested deliverable for this competition. If you have developed a prototype implementation, you can video-shoot a demo of the prototype and submit that video along with the concept document. Please refer to the "Deliverables" section on details about video duration and file size
Apart from the concept document and the trial implementation plan, is there anything else that I need to submit?
Apart from the concept document and the trial implementation plan, you need to submit a scanned copy of the college Photo ID card of each of your team members.
I know somebody from other than my college who wants to participate with me. Is it allowed?
Yes, as long as the other person satisfies the eligibility criteria specified.
How can I form a team or become a part of a team?
There are different ways in which you can form a team or become a part of a team.
1. Ask the people you know to join you to form a team. Then go to the Innovate4Women website and ask all of your team-mates to register for this competition. Then one of you can create a team on the website and send an invite to the other team members to join the team. The person who creates the team online will be administrator the team. She alone has the rights to add or remove members from the team.

2. Register on the Innovate4Women website. You will see a list of teams which have vacancies for a team member. Send a request to join any of the existing teams by clicking "Request to join" against the particular team entry.
How can I change my team?
To become a part of a team, you should not be a member of any of the existing teams. You first need to request the lead of your existing team to remove you from the team. Once he removes you from the team, you need to confirm the same. Then you can send a request to any of the other existing teams to join them. In case you are the lead/administrator of the team, you will have to delete your team. Your other team members will have to create a new team for themselves.
How can I remove somebody from my team?
You should be the administrator of the team to be able to remove somebody from that team. Click on "Remove" against the concerned person in your team block. This will send an e-mail notification to the concerned person. He needs to confirm the "Remove" action.
How can I remove a team?
You should be the administrator of the team to be able to remove that team. Click on "Delete my team". This will send a mail to all the team members. The team members need to confirm the "Delete" action.
Do we get a participation certificate?
If you submit the stated deliverables as per our requirements, you will receive a participation certificate.
Do all registrants get any benefits?
All registrants will be given IT Academy Student Pass access keys for free online training.
Do we have any early-bird prizes?
The first 100 hundred teams to submit their deliverables will receive Virtual Tech Days DVDs.
How many winners will be selected and what are the prizes?
We will select four winning teams and each winning team will receive a sum of INR 25,000 to take their project ideas forward.
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