How can I be sure that my privacy will be protected on SiliconIndia?
SiliconIndia is committed to protecting the privacy of all individuals who use our services. As per our Privacy Policy, SiliconIndia does not give out your email address or other personally identifiable information to other members or to third parties without your permission. Regarding data security, access to your data on SiliconIndia is password-protected, and is protected by SSL encryption when it is exchanged between your web browser and our web site. We use a tier-one secured-access provider that supplies services to some of the largest and most secure sites on the Internet, to protect any data you store on our servers. We also regularly audit our system for possible vulnerabilities and attacks

What information do fellow SiliconIndia members see about me?
SiliconIndia members can see your name and full profile information. But no one can view personal details like your email, phone no etc.

Can people outside SiliconIndia find my SiliconIndia profile?
Your public profile is a version of your SiliconIndia profile that a visitor can see without being signed in to SiliconIndia. Some SiliconIndia public profiles are already indexed in major search engines and the rest will be indexed soon. Non-SiliconIndia members can see your public profile, which by default displays your name, title, location, and industry.

Who can see information about my contacts?
By default, any SiliconIndia member can see your network when they view your SiliconIndia profile. Many members like this feature because it makes it possible to browse the contacts of your contacts

Who can contact me on SiliconIndia, and how?
Any SiliconIndia member can always contact you directly and intimation about add contact request will be sent to you by SiliconIndia by an email. SiliconIndia will never provide information you have contributed about yourself or your contacts to third parties for marketing purposes or for other purposes that you haven't authorized.

Are there rules against using SiliconIndia to find people and then phoning or emailing them outisde of SiliconIndia?
Most people use SiliconIndia to make new contacts while avoiding unsolicited emails or cold calls. For this reason, our User Agreement prohibits using SiliconIndia to find people you don't know and contacting them outside of SiliconIndia. By agreeing to the User Agreement (which is required to become a SiliconIndia user), members agree to use only messages to reach out to the SiliconIndia members they want to meet, and to use SiliconIndia Invitations only to connect with people they already know. What are the best practices I can follow to protect my privacy?

  • Most important, we strongly recommend that you invite people to join your network or group whom you know and trust well enough.
  • Don't post your phone number or other addresses on your SiliconIndia profile; if you do, you'll have much less control over how your contact information can be used.
  • Familiarize yourself with your current personal privacy and contact settings on SiliconIndia so you know what they are and what options you have.
  • Select a password for SiliconIndia that can't easily be guessed - for instance, one that includes 10 or more characters and includes both letters and numbers. Never give your SiliconIndia password to others.
  • If you use a public or shared computer to log in to SiliconIndia, make sure that you log out completely when you've finished.
  • Report privacy problems that you see or experience on SiliconIndia so that we can follow up. Please notify us of any problems by sending email to .

If I join SiliconIndia, can my current employer find me there?
Some people have expressed the concern that if their employer finds them on SiliconIndia, the employer will assume they're looking for another job. In reality, most of SiliconIndia's members are not using SiliconIndia to find a new job, but to do their current job more effectively. For example, people use SiliconIndia to find and contact potential clients, suppliers, partners, sources of information and expertise, potential hires, and anyone else who can help them do their job better. So while it's difficult to stop people in your current company from learning that you're using SiliconIndia, the point is that you probably don't have to. In fact, there's an advantage to intentionally letting them know how you're using it. The more people in your organization who are using SiliconIndia, the more valuable SiliconIndia will be for achieving your organization's objectives.

How secure is my email id with you ?
We will never share or sell your email id with anyone. We also do not do any mailer for our sponsors. You will only get our daily email newsletter unless you opt out from there. We will send you notifications, if a message is waiting in your siliconindia mailbox. You can opt out of getting these notifications at any time.