What is a SiliconIndia profile?
Your profile is a summary of your professional experience, interests, education and capabilities. It is your "public face" on SiliconIndia, visible to people in your network and to other members who search on SiliconIndia.

Who can view my profile on SiliconIndia? How much information will they see?
SiliconIndia members can see a limited view of your profile, which includes your education, experience, interests along with some personal details like your name & current profile.

Non-SiliconIndia members can see your public profile, which by default displays your name, title, location, experience and education.

Can I add my picture to my SiliconIndia profile?
Yes. SiliconIndia members can upload their picture to their profiles or they can select from some icon images available in the system. However this is an optional feature, but updating your real picture can provide you with the great visibility when your blog gets featured on homepage.

Can I add the logo of a group or association to my SiliconIndia profile?
Only the logos of official SiliconIndia groups may be displayed on SiliconIndia profiles.