What is my network?
Your network is defined as the group of SiliconIndia members you are directly connected with

  • You are at the center of your network.
  • Your direct connections make up the 1st degree of your network.
  • The people connected to each of your direct connections make up your 2nd degree.
  • The people connected to those in your 2nd degree make up your 3rd degree.
This chain of trusted connections gives you inside access to a vast network of professionals, companies and industries across the world relationships that you can use to help one another as you advance your own career

How is that different from the SiliconIndia network?
The SiliconIndia Network constitutes of all the members in SiliconIndia site. As a SiliconIndia user, you can search for people from among those thousands of professionals and reach them by sending them invitation to add as a contact or by sending message.

How do I invite trusted contacts to my network on SiliconIndia?
SiliconIndia members connect through invitations. For two people to connect, one must invite the other and the other must accept. If the person being invited to connect is not already on SiliconIndia, they'll need to join in order to accept the invitation. There are a number of ways of inviting people to connect on SiliconIndia. If you have specific contacts in mind:
  • Invite one contact at a time by entering his or her name and email address into the Quick Invite Box on the My Account page
  • To invite multiple contacts, click on "Send Invite" or "Build Your Network" links, you can send upto 5 invites at a time
  • Click on the Add Contact button below the profiles listed as a result of search you have made using search option.
Note that first two methods require that you know the email address of each person you invite to your network.

What is an invitation?
For two people to connect, one must invite the other and the other must accept. You can send an invitation to anyone (SiliconIndia user or not) as long as you have that person's email address. The only difference is that non-SiliconIndia members will have to register before accepting your invitation. Each invitation accepted can add thousands of professionals to your network.

Whom should I invite to be in my network?
When you invite a friend or colleague to reconnect, be sure the person you're choosing will be a good addition to your network. Only invite those you know and trust. You may be asked to tell one of your trusted friends more about the person you invite, and they may have to do the same for you. Or you may be forwarding a request (your own, or one from a friend) through them. Be sure you trust them to represent you and to treat a potentially serious request with appropriate care.

When does an invitation expire?
An invitation send through SiliconIndia site never expires. But we occasionally remove old invitations from our database (we will warn you before this happens'). When the invitation expires, we will send a single reminder to your invitee letting them know. If an invitation does expire, a new invitation can be sent to the same recipient by going to "Past Invites" link.

Can I remove a member from my network?
To remove a member from my network, click "Delete Contact" in the bottom of the contact, and follow the instructions provided.

How can I see what types of professionals are in my network?
Click on "My Network" inside your login section to see those details.