How much does a SiliconIndia account cost?
Joining SiliconIndia is and will remain free. We will always offer free personal accounts with robust features, including the ability to maintain a trusted professional network, build professional profiles, request invitations, post blogs and create groups.

What do I get with SiliconIndia account?
SiliconIndia offers free personal accounts with robust features, including the ability to:

  • Build and maintain a trusted professional network of unlimited size
  • Send and receive messages from any of the SiliconIndia members
  • Create or join groups based on your professional needs
  • Create a professional presence on the web by having your own blog
  • Request up to 5 invitations at a time
  • Search for and view profiles of other SiliconIndia members

I accidentally created two accounts, Can I merge them?
Unfortunately we are unable to merge accounts. We suggest that you transfer all your information (Profile, Connections etc) to one account and close the other. To close a second account, please send an email to . Please include the email addresses associated with each of the accounts and indicate which will be the primary email address for the account you keep. Be aware that when we close an account, you will lose all of the information in that account, including profile information, connections, and recommendations.

When I log in to SiliconIndia, some or all of my connections are missing. Why?
You may inadvertently have created a second SiliconIndia account while accepting an invitation to connect. If this is the case, please email at . Please include your full name and the email addresses for both SiliconIndia accounts.

What if I want to close my basic SiliconIndia account and be removed from the system?
To close your SiliconIndia account, email a request to . Please include your name and the email address for the account you want to close.

Sign up, login and password problems
I am not getting my password or other emails from SiliconIndia!