When I search for SiliconIndia members, what information can I see?
SiliconIndia members can see a limited view of your profile, which includes your education, experience, interests along with some personal details like your name & current profile.

Non-SiliconIndia members can see your public profile, which by default displays your name, title, location, experience and education.

How do I find people with specific qualifications or to fulfill specific requests?
Use "Find Member" tool and specify the kind of person you want to find using keywords and other details. The search will then return a list of all members in your network and the SiliconIndia Network who match your criteria. You can reach each person returned in the results by either sending an add request or by sending a message

Why was I returned to the search form when searching SiliconIndia?
To search SiliconIndia, your browser preferences must be set to accept all cookies from www.siliconIndia.com. Please check your browser settings, and then try again.

How can I bookmark SiliconIndia profiles and search results?
To bookmark search results, either click the "Bookmark" link on the search result page or choose "Bookmark this search" from the Bookmarks menu.