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SiliconIndia community members share their experiences and wisdom with 5 million members of our community. These are columns written by our members :
By Sneh Sharma, Director Digital Marketing, Webenza
Social Media is much more than that which is commonly defined. People have been sociable on the web for years and social networ... more>>
By Debamita Nag, Business Head, Cinemax India
How does the term "Good" exist !"Good" is very relative word in terms for marketing. If we go by the dichotomy of the word "goo... more>>
By S K "Bal" Palekar, Chairperson, S P Jain Institute of Management & Research, Executive Education Centre
The strategists set the direction using logical and cerebral methods but what makes it work is the energy, hearts and aspiratio... more>>
By Kapil Matta, Head Markets
In this digital day and age when everyone and everything is on the move; the demands and challenges have changed drastically. E... more>>
By Kanika Atri, Head of Marketing and Communications India, Nokia Siemens Networks
Business-to-business (B2B) marketing has evolved from simply having good product collateral to having a 'story' to tell. It is ... more>>
By Jaideep Khanduja, Head Quality Assurance and Project Management, g4s
Way back in 1960s software were being produced but there were no established standards or software engineering practices. Poor ... more>>
By Girish Basidoni, President and Chief Executive Officer, TestingCzars Software Solutions
Analytical risk based testing offers a number of benefits to test teams and organizations that use this strategy. One of those ... more>>
By Shubha Sridhar, Regional Manager (Technical Services), Torry Harris Business Solutions (THBS)
Software testing has evolved considerably over the last decade from single dimensional test approaches to multi-dimensional one... more>>
By Thallin S Shetty, Team Lead - Resource Management
Losing a trained employee and then finding his/her replacement is, by no means, an easy task. Read on to effectively avoid faci... more>>
By Gayatri Varma, Vice President – Human Capital
India has always had a rich tradition of corporate philanthropy. The doyens of Indian industry strongly believed that true weal... more>>
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