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SiliconIndia community members share their experiences and wisdom with 5 million members of our community. These are columns written by our members :
By Chetan Indap, Founder & CEO, StaffOnContract.com
Jobs seems to the be the major buzz word today; right from my driver wanting a job for his wife, who recently finished her Bcom... more>>
By Bhuvan Khanna, Innovation Engineer , Webonise Lab
Facts and figures and what you see around you is proof enough that the mobile revolution has long begun. And if you still think... more>>
By Kritika Dasgupta , Head Corporate Relations & Placements Sr. Lecture & Sr. Manager CRC, Amity Business School
As I started to pen down, I went into my past memories, my college’s day’s .Trying to figure as to what made me a p... more>>
By Gaurav Rathi, Product QA Engineer, Ariba
Successful test automation depends on a variety of factors. The technical aspects involved have been well understood for more t... more>>
By Munish Jha, QA Head, Rishabh Software
"Software Testing is a systematic activity but it also involves economics and human psychology." - Glenford J. MyersEconomics o... more>>
By Shireen Alam, Director, Sapient Global Markets
I have read a lot of articles that cover this topic, and frequently find the advice interesting and applicable but funnily enou... more>>
By Jayanthi Sampathkumar, Senior Development Lead, Microsoft- India
Looking back at my tenure of 13 years at Microsoft, I realize that there have been many instances where I have wondered if I ha... more>>
By Gunjan Sethi, Developer, Microsoft IDC
Many would like you to believe that. Most know it is not true.I am a working mother; I have often been subjected to and felt gr... more>>
By Dr. Tanvi Gautam, Managing Partner, Global People Tree
It was a quiet afternoon, as almost the entire team was out for an offsite retreat. It had been three months into my new job an... more>>
By Vidya Nag, Director and Founder of Magna Image Corporation, President AICI India Chapter
In today's fast paced world, life changes in a flutter of an eyelid. As working women this may not always work to our advantage... more>>
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