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SiliconIndia community members share their experiences and wisdom with 5 million members of our community. These are columns written by our members :
By Sailesh Menezes, Country Manager – Human Resources, HP India
The concept of "Return on Investment (ROI)" has always been considered a financial metric; a metric that measures the solidity ... more>>
By Nayan Jadeja, VP, R&D, Fiberlink Communications
The Changing World TodayFirstly, it's time for some of us to reset our acronym knowledge. Master data management seems to be lo... more>>
By Vivek K. Singh , Principal Architect - Business Intelligence
AbstractIt is a cliche in Business Intelligence domain - Garbage in, Garbage out. Everyone understands the need and importance ... more>>
By Rohit Chaudhary, Business Analyst, iCreate Software
BI helps in organizing unorganized data into useful information, which after careful analysis is converted into knowledge, whic... more>>
By Venkatachalam Ramakrishnan, AVP, iCreate Software
A bank is a complex behemoth of inter-connected information.  At the base level, there are key metrics defined for everyon... more>>
By Sriram Anandan, Managing Consultant, iCreate Software
The financial services sector is typically expert at churning vast amounts of data, gathered over decades of customer interacti... more>>
By Rahul Nawab, Founder, IQR Consulting
Educating savvy and business-minded Indians on the importance of numbers and analytics in your business is like teaching t... more>>
By Anuradha Bankar, Practice Head - BI, e-Zest Solutions
Between now and 2020, the sheer volume of digital information is predicted to increase to 35 trillion gigabytes – much of... more>>
By Kk Kaushik, Director
Human resources account for roughly 30% of total costs in a BPO and with the attrition rate at around 40% (on the upper side), ... more>>
By Kanika Paul, HR Generalist
"Ive learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made ... more>>
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