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SiliconIndia community members share their experiences and wisdom with 5 million members of our community. These are columns written by our members :
By Jaideep Khanduja, Head Quality Assurance and Project Management, g4s
A project is like a large container of apples having rotten ones among them but hidden well in between the good ones; if it is ... more>>
By Venkata Ramana L, General Manager - QA, Virtusa
It might sound obvious, but one of the most important tasks of the software quality assurance life cycle is collection and anal... more>>
By Debasis Pradhan, Head of Testing, Test Manager @ eG Innovations
I just realized that it has been little over 5 years since I wrote about five software testing myths and it is unfortunate that... more>>
By Mukesh Sharma, Founder & CEO, QA InfoTech
Cloud has been one of the buzz words in the IT industry over the last few years now: and it is, for the right reasons. As we al... more>>
By Ananya Das , Senior Manager, Program Management (Delivery),Testing Centre of Excellence Head,Quality Head, Snapon
Testing is one of the oldest forms of verification. Several testing techniques have been advanced and used by software develope... more>>
By Gaurav Rathi, Product QA Engineer, Ariba
The main reason of reviewing test cases: increase test cases quality and therefore product quality. As we know testers are inv... more>>
By Nithin M Warrier , Android Developer, Wipro Technologies
Content provider is an essential component in Android applications. The main use of content provider is to share data between a... more>>
By Vikas Banga, Co-Founder, LetsGoMo Labs
1. Simple. Less is More.When it comes to mobile websites, simplicity is key. Because of the lack of space on the screen and Int... more>>
By Shilpa Mahna Bhatnagar, Director Engineering, Hughes Systique India
In the year 2007 there was a paradigm shift in the world of Mobile Phone. Apple introduced the first touch screen phone ever wh... more>>
By Anuradha Biswas, Founder and CEO, Prakat Solutions
Software testing has evolved over the last several decades. The ever increasing sophistication of applications and the underlyi... more>>
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