Samsung's Google Glass Rival Shows Up In Patent Filing

Bangalore: Samsung is coming up with an eye wear that rivals its ally Google’s smart glasses. According to the patent filing with the South Korean authorities in October, an electronic device in the form of spectacles, categorized as “sports glasses” as been registered by Samsung, reports WSJ.

According to the filing, the glasses have been integrated with earphones that allow users to take phone calls and listen to music during workouts. The filing also says that the device is linked to one’s Smartphone and it displays notifications offering easy access to the phone while users’ hands are tied with sports activities. It very well explains the tag for the eye gear as “sports glasses.” And adding more, the eye gear also features a lens that is either transparent or translucent, it says.

The patent drawings of the glasses show a wired device, which may force users to constantly attach a cable to the phone. And contrary to the Google Glass, which in itself comes with Smartphone abilities such as making calls or browsing internet, Samsung’s Glasses come as an accessory for your Smartphone.  

If Samsung goes public with the device, it will be an addition to the Samsung’s wearable technology, a strategy that became evident with the launch of its Smartwatch, the Galaxy Gear.

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