New Methods to Operate Smartwatches with Pans, Tilts, and 3D Touch

BENGALURU: Researchers recently introduced the WatchMI, a new system that allows operating smart watches using pans, tilts and 3D touch without utilizing any hardware. As the smart watches commonly comes with very small surface area, it is pretty hard to use multi-touch utilities and are limited to taps, holds and swipes.

Researchers from the University of St. Andrews UK, proposed an improved interaction method named WatchMI that adds few more touch gestures to any smartwatch without requiring any additional hardware.

WatchMI works by utilizing the motion sensors like accelerometers and gyroscopes that are embedded in most of the modern smartwatches.  This software-based solution grabs data from the sensors to interpret gestures like twisting, planning, and pressure. The new technology opens up easy access to perform a variety of functions like volume control, menu navigation, gaming controls. Texting with gadgets can also be easy with watchMI that can mimic the famous 3D touch technology.

Other examples of the new WatchMI interface includes, being able to twist the watch face to change the time defined on the alarm clock, or using pan and being able to scroll across maps and to zoom in.

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