Indian Government To Develop Smartphones Under $100

Bangalore: The government of India is planning to launch Smartphones carrying the “Made in India” seal on it for a price tag under$100, reports ZDNet.

Previously, the government had launched Aakash series of tablets, which received mixed responses among people. Doubts are being raised if the government would be able to take up this new project, as the previous project didn’t go as per their plan. With elections round the corner, there were also allegations on the plan being meant to attract votes.  

According to The Times of India, Indian government plans to call for women who have worked under a rural employment scheme for 100 days or more, to receive a Smartphone for free.  

Even though the country has a mobile penetration rate of 70 percent, only about 5 percent of the total population in the country is using fully functional Smartphones. The phones which are presently available in the market are about US$130. If the government decides to cut down the price, they have to be willing to create a broadband mobile ecosystem, and also develop applications in regional languages.

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