iPhone 6s To Be Better Than Its Predecessors?


The Apple fan boys can expect an addition in color option with rose gold colored iPhone, along with existing gold, silver and space gray models.

12MP Camera

Coming camera, the only thing that hasn’t changed since the iPhone 4s. But this time Apple is keen on packing in much more powerful sensors as there are many camera patents in the company’s barge. However, the recent acquisition of Israeli startup LinX may be the company’s warehouse for next iPhone’s camera with higher-resolution than the current ones.


It is evident that next Apple’s iPhones will be powered by a Samsung manufactured processor and it will be called A9. Alongside new processor, there will be a 2GB RAM expected, which is double the current RAM quotient in an iPhone, according to Kuo.

No More Bending

The recent flagship Smartphones from Apple that were launched at the end of last year were complained to have fragile casing. When customers kept their iPhones in back pocket, it resulted in bent case. But this won’t be the situation with upcoming iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. According to Kuo’s research, Apple won’t sport the similar cases instead, Apple may use carbon fiber and other materials to strengthen the aluminum, in order to keep the Smartphone slim.


Kuo expects iPhone 6s and 6s Plus will begin to roll out by the end of August this year. Along with that, the company targets to manufacture 80 to 90 million units with 6s to be more in number than the 6s Plus by 2:1 ratio.
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